English and its Contribution to Communication

No one would have gotten anywhere without the help of the communicating with each other. Even in the making of history, communication has played a very crucial role in the lives of the human beings. The languages have been evolving every generation creating a gap in communication; however, with the selection of one that can be used by everybody to communicate, the world has established an easier way of disseminating ideas and information globally. That act has become a big contribution to communication and is still giving off many benefits up until now.


English being the universal language is a very important contribution to communication. It has helped many businesses circling around the world becoming conveniently hassle free and less difficult to understand in terms of their language diversion. Since a country have a numerous count of languages especially in their dialects used for collaborating, it is very much needed to have a single language for everybody to practice on so that when one person travels from one place to another with an unlike way of talking, then it will be easier for them to understand what each of them are talking about.


The media the most influential practice now and as one can observe, almost all, if not actually all, very popular sites speak in English. This is another contribution in communication since with the rapports happening from all over the world; awareness is much more given through the usage of one spoken language that most people have knowledge about. Without a language that could be a backbone to world of communication, everything will fall apart. There will be a very confusing and messy interconnecting mingling with one country to another. Through peace talks, many wars have been stopped and many lives have been saved. Job opportunities have opened up for many people who have the skills and experience of other technicalities with the “add on” of having a good English skills. Examples are the most in demand seats of being a call center agent and online teachers. These jobs need a mastery of the English language because of being in the position of helping someone who is in the other part of the world from you.

Maintaining Close Communication with Field Personnel

Being a strong head for having a large part of the contribution to communication, it is rightfully placed on top of the prioritized curriculum in many countries. The English language is being taught by many academe and also other businesses offering tutorials and or teaching lessons online for this language. Its contribution to communication created a massive demand of teachers coming from every corner of the world to teach those who are not aware of the basic and in depth discussions. Lines have been created to support each other’s cause of educating anyone who has the interest and determination to do so. Friendships and other relationships’ success became possible because of the reality that people can now understand each other even with the diversity of races and nationalities.


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part of the living – part of the humans’ lives

making of history – through time

crucial role – vital part

circling around the world – existing globally

the rapports happening – chaos and or fights

strong head – center; primary contributor

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