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Technology In The Classroom – For Better Learning!

Almost everyone around the world is exposed with what the advancement of technology and science has offered this generation. Children who are under aged and old people that seem to forget a lot of stuff are using different kinds of gadgets for their past time. Although there have been a lot of serious talks about exposure to radiation, electrical and possibly poisonous metal, the majority of the population believe in what technology can do and change for the better.


Using Technology For Education

Admit it! Going to school is, most of the time, boring; especially in gloomy days wherein the universe is telling you to stay in bed and procrastinate. However, when your teacher introduces you to new and exciting things like watching a movie that is related to your lesson or encouraging you to bring your laptops for better visualization of your topics then you’d feel more cheerful because you know that you’ll actually be seeing things in motion and not just words in the huge blackboard. When technology in the classroom is introduced, students learn thoroughly because they can understand audibly and visually what the teacher is emphasizing.

Visual Materials

Visual is something to do with the eyes. As an example of technology in the classroom, TV or television, you are entertained by what you see. What you have constantly imagined for years are now pictured out in a wide black box that associates light fractions into visible shapes, sizes and color. In the previous decades, projectors were used by teachers; although this is still considered as technology, the output is so old school.


Laptops, desk tops, smartphones, tablets and iPads are now popularly used too and are also considered as technology in the classroom. These are gadgets that are individually used and can establish better research and visual for the student although smartphones are highly discouraged because its main purpose is socializing and or texting which are a distraction.

Cuddling with multiple devices

Audio Materials

Technology in the classroom doesn’t necessarily mean seeing or visualizing only. Radios, cassettes, speakers and other audio devices used for conveying voice lessons or messages are also good materials to stir up the interest of the student and encourage them to imagine. When audios are used there are two things that are being focused on – imagination and listening skills.

This kind of technology in the classroom teaches students to widen their perception of the world and make something out of the lines or verses that they hear in the audio files. Moreover, listening skills are as important as visual understanding because one can never comprehend something without listening to the tone of the voice or the stresses that the author is using.

No matter what kind of technology in the classroom is introduced to the students, it is highly recommended to watch out for abusive use. Yes, there are advantages in using advanced gadgets inside the school but this can also lead to other unpleasant characters of a student such as laziness and inability to think complexly.

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advancement of – development of

serious talks – insightful discussions

gloomy days – low-spirited days

things in motion – action

wide black box – television

How to Learn English

Listening Your Way Through English Using English Conversations

People who are not English natives tend to have a harder time learning the basics of the English language especially for those that are not exposed to it maximally. This is not only a struggle for students but also for their mentors because one cannot simply push a person’s interest and inquisitiveness to his or her level of intellect. With this, many teachers use a variety of tactics such as giving out audio files with English conversations so that they can effectively convey their understanding from their own point of view to the student’s.



How Does English Conversations Help?

  • Although most students will not get the whole thought immediately after listening to an English conversation, the familiarity that it promotes help in enhancing the listeners’ skills of how to construct proper English sentences. Not everyone are experts in grammar, but most keep good track of the right usage of words with conversations that they hear from time to time in schools, media and even outdoors. The idea is to fossilize rules and applicable uses of phrases into one’s mind without him or her trying to pressure himself or herself.
  • Formal conversations are not always used so you cannot simply rely on making up connecting phrases with the most appropriate words according to what you have learned in the books. When people talk they tend to get out of the ruling lane for smart formalities into the informal and communicative one. If you think about it, allowing yourself to talk in English conversations by the book every single time will make you look like a show off or a funny person.
  • Audio files are the best ways to make students understand about how to use stresses in words. Intonations are sometimes very confusing especially when paired with same words having different meanings. Listening to English conversations will lighten up confusions on how to syllabicate words using proper voice rises.


  • Proper Emotion Use. English conversations also help in exposing the listeners to different ways of expressing sentences. You will be able to know what kind of emotions is required with the given punctuations. Putting feelings into your conversations is as important as indicating proper use of rules and lapses.
  • Understanding Slang Words. Slang is a word that is made up given the trend of a community or social circle. You cannot just use them in any conversation that suits you because most English conversations that have slangs are mindful of the setting or the location or event that a person is in because there are certain formalities that may not appreciate the use of slangs. It is always helpful to listen to the people conversing so that you can pick up the what-not.

The establishment of online teaching academies supports learning not only with your eyes and brain but also with your ears. With teacher student conversations in this kind of schools, both can learn about each other’s strength and weaknesses. This setup is a give and take relationship because of the fact that both can benefit from each of their insights.




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not English natives – those that are not born as English citizens

level of intellect – how smart a person is

keep good track – follow the proper ways

connecting phrases – sentences

lighten up confusions – ease confusion or totally get rid of it

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Let’s learn English with Spoken English Classes!

Too many times, people of different nationalities are laughed at because of their oblivious ways when speaking in English. There is not much that they can do in the old times because there were only limited choices in which they can frown upon. But in the twisted acceptance of fate, globalization opened trade not only to materials but also to knowledge and understanding. This led to the evolution of written English – translation of words in manuscripts and paper – to spoken English which is the education on speech sounds. And now, companies are offering spoken English classes for everybody all over the globe. They are taking advantage of the fact that English has become the universal language and the connecting grid of races in nations. This opportunity- opening of spoken English classes- has become a big time carrier of job hires in percentage thus somehow showing a good outcome in many economies in the world.

Google ranks good companies high in its search result.

Google ranks good companies high in its search result.

What exactly is a spoken English class?
Spoken English class is one if the very many steps of establishing good English skills with the use of phonetics. People availing this kind of class will be given a whole program and a number of preferences as choices for their tutors. Not only will they have freedom to pick their own teacher but also, they can select an offer of classes in which they are firstly comfortable in taking up and or they need as a requirement for a course or any personal reasons.
Companies offering spoken English classes guarantee the effectiveness and worth of their client’s money by carefully screening abled English speakers who have been deeply educated about the language. A series of interviews and tests are lined up for the potential teachers given by head quarter’s representatives and administrators. After the follow ups and assured passers, they are then trained to familiarize the FAQ’s and the curriculum. Finding for good tutors is not an easy task to do, which is why the administrative committees are the ones making that decision. They cannot simply rely on other newbies to pick someone who can be a liability to the company. Whatever mistake a tutor does, it reflects on the name of the spoken English classes’ business thus ruining the impact of what it should give on first onlookers.

The number of Facebook fans can be an indicator showing how a service is popular.

The number of Facebook fans can be an indicator showing how a service is popular.

If you are one of those who are interested in taking spoken English classes, you should carefully search for companies or online English tutorial contractors that have had many good reviews, if not the best ones. You can tell by the references that you can see upon using search engines or personal opinions coming from your trusted persons. Also, you may check there page or date base if ever they have an authentic spoken English classes conducted by real organized teachers. Do not only look on the front pages, rather scan for loops together with its beneficial scoops.
Becoming a student of these spoken English classes is not an easy thing to do. You need to adapt not only to the tutor’s way of approaching you but also the pace of the classes. Booking a variety of tutors to teach you each and every day, compromise is going to be a key point. Fortunately, these spoken English classes are divided into categories so that clients won’t have a difficult time in keeping with a 25 minute or an hour of advance lessons.


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Frown upon – sadly choose

In the twisted fate of acceptance – as time passed by; as advancement grew

Grid of races – network of different people

Lined up – prepared for

Newbies – new comers; new people



What is Spoken English?

Communication is the key to a peaceful and bounty community. It is a key to figure out everything that is to be discovered in this planet of ours. Without this, pure chaos will take over, risking lives of many and so on. That is why a united decision was made select one language to take over the bars of relationships. English, as a popularly used dialect, created a mutual understanding among billions of people all around the world. Learning this language became a priority in so many countries worldwide. To have done this, spoken English was discovered and is still being developed by linguists.

What is Spoken English?

Living in a world with many dialects looming in each and every corner, head committees of the countries declared English to be the universal language. In fact, it is the first language that was used by sovereign stated. People learned to speak it in early times through the method of written English. It is the transcription of words to find meaning in the sense of still connecting it in the relation of the dialects that the people of a certain countries are using.



However, critics have noticed the discrepancy this kind of teaching or expression was relaying the message. Yes, it enables the reader to understand the words but in the long run, it didn’t give much more details as of how the words were pronounced and the stresses to be used. It gives confusion to some who were not specifically aware of how the words are expressed. And so, spoken English was established. The study of phonetics which is the making of speech sounds in linguistics helped not only common citizens from other states that have tongue twists but also scientists. With the use of spoken English, people learn and have practiced the usage of accent, phonics, the stress in the words, phonology, connected speech and so many more pertaining to the English language.

As we know, some people, especially the Asian descent, have trouble when it comes to forming words and stating them properly. This is because the mother tongues of most countries differ from each other and that is why most people have weird or strange accents when they speak in English. Engaging in conversations since childhood are very much important in the getting used to process of a language and there is no immediate tactful change to that unless a person is multilingual and was already exposed in her childhood years. It takes years to practice a person’s speech skills and what time would be the most perfect if not childhood. This is when the brain is more inquisitive.


Why is spoken English important?

For most people, it is a need to learn how to speak in English. Their career may be in line and also the perception of knowing how to speak in English and getting greater opportunities in life is somewhat common to the mindset nowadays. Moreover, for the information of everybody, spoken English is helping scientists and medical field workers determine the works of mind. Not only can it express the reaction that the person truly feels and is hiding deep within, but it also keeps them informed of all the topsy turvy gaged mechanics of the most delicate organ in our system. In addition to that, spoken English also enhances the confidence of a person, boosting his or her self-esteem to the extent of having good health. Knowing how to speak your words right does give your ego a bit of a push for self-appreciation and worth. Notice that most people who aren’t familiar with what they’re saying stammer and or stutter and are considered laughing stocks.


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In the long run- a long period of time

Tongue twists- different usage of muscle tongue when speaking

For the information of everybody- for everyone to know

Tospy turvy gaged mechanics- the structures and functions of the brain

A bit of a push- hightens; boosts; strengthens