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Social Media Business and the Society

The growth of social media business is quickly approaching the heights of public’s interest. It is very widespread that almost all things interrelated with this kind of approach are adapting and slowly monopolizing its range. Many people who are trying to reach out to the target population of their manufactured goods and services are roving their way through social media networks that are being constantly used by the general population. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other kinds of socializing websites have been chasing down new ideas for improvement to develop programs that can be used by the business circle.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like an online resume wherein you can post all the possible stuff that can help you advertise yourself as well as connect with people who can be prospective employers and or employees. This is the kinds of social media business that can help facilitate the growing industries globally. It can be interlinked with other websites that can have possible contacts. By using your own email address, you can be directed to your own Yahoo contacts or Gmail contacts and you can send a request to follow them. Upon clicking the Ok button, the other end will receive an email regarding your invitation. They can only reply and or accept if they also have their own LinkedIn account. This cycle goes on and on for people who are connected using specified websites.



By using LinkedIn you can promote yourself to people who own big companies and or are looking for well-endowed people. It is very simple to use so you do not have to worry about crippling your way upon registration and getting people to accept your invites. Moreover, this kind of social media business cans open doors to everybody that is a part of it. It will be a fresh start for people seeking job opportunities that are not really known but is in line with the work field of some. The convenience that is gives with the easy access that it commends convince and encourage a lot of people to make a step toward a better future.


Although this kind of social media business has a lot of beneficial gains, it also has a numerous of disadvantages given its online feature. Everybody knows that nowadays it is very common to meet people who are trying to take advantage of others. Because LinkedIn is an online website in which everybody can create an account and make a good profile, one can easily make a fake account and overthrow and unpleasant circumstance to an innocent onlooker.

Overall Impact

As a general outlook, websites like LinkedIn have helped the industries to prosper in so many ways. This gives value to the social media business and how they work as a group. Even though it gives off some cons, it still is more beneficial in terms of m making something worthy out of the some socially inclined account. The adaptation of the public to the modern era is being further accentuated so that it can be enhanced more.


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heights of public’s interest – the top list of what people find exciting

target population – the people of interest

chasing down new ideas – looking for and or thinking for ideas

interlinked – connected

crippling your way – have a difficult time


English Essay

The Downside of Social Media for Children

The most popular websites that are now circling the internet are the social media web pages. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other pages that connects people with one another are considered to be harmful for kids who are still not in the appropriate age to be dealing with stuff that are posted and or presented in the internet. Not all of the social media for children have the parental guidance and or provided security software that could detect harassing images, verbal posts or videos. And not all the time, the parents can supervise everything that their children are doing. Some adults, especially those who are in early adulthood, are making themselves popular by posting gruesome images that they think are hilarious. Furthermore, a lot of unpleasant and inappropriate comments are being stated in the social media that includes children.



One of the most significant downside of social media for children is the incorporation of sentences by adults and or young teens that are not aware that what they are saying is grammatically wrong and or spelled. Lingual popularity is being very oblivious of the rules of the languages used; most especially the English language. Most people in the social media sites are trying to adapt to what is trending or what is “in” in terms of how the famous or looked upon people talk or do things. It is very much rampant nowadays that people talk like someone who just came out from rapping and with the children viewing that kind of textual abuse, they tend to mimic the act.


Learning English with the foundation of school is very important; however, the social media sites for children are causing a ruckus and a nuisance because of their being influence to the common mind-set of the rules that are applied by the proper statements. At a young age, these children still have a long way to go and have fresh neurons to be enhanced that is why it is important that a good foundation for what is taught to them is established meticulously. The effect that the social media sites for children are fossilizing in the inquisitive minds of the little ones is a danger to the formal use of their common sense.

social media2

There are many online English classes also available in the internet. As a parent of a kid in this kind of technological era, one must know how to provide his or her child the right things. The right exposure of things concerning the learning of a child is crucial at this point. Parents must be very aware what the social media sites for children can do to the innocence minds. Even though the web pages look very childlike and safe, one can never be sure of what it might bring to the child’s awareness. Online English classes is one of the safe online site that your child can socialize and have the right set up for learning English and other stuff given by the lesson of every class that a parent avails for his or her child.


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pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages

circling the internet – available online

parental guidance – parent’s supervision

harassing images – troublesome pictures

downside of social media – bad effect of social media

Lingual popularity – famous statements

In – trending

textual abuse – misuse of words