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Overcoming the Disadvantages of Skype English Classes: Strategies for Maximizing Effectiveness

Skype English classes are a popular option for individuals looking to improve their English language skills. However, they may not be as effective as studying abroad due to several disadvantages. For example, Skype classes may lack the cultural immersion and … Continue reading

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Important Factors to Consider When Learning English Through Skype English Classes

In today’s globalized world, the ability to communicate in English has become an essential skill. Due to busy schedules and geographic constraints, many people are turning to online language classes, including Skype English classes like LiveEnglishClass, as a convenient and … Continue reading

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Skype English Class Teacher: Yana



When you learn English online, the most important thing is that you must meet a good Skype English class teacher. It’s not an easy job though there are countless English teachers around the world.

Some of them are not good at teaching and sometimes you may meet teachers who are not focusing on your lessons.


LiveEnglishClass is now working with very experienced 80 Skype English Class teachers in the world.

From now, we will introduce our teachers one by one.


Teacher Yana is a very popular teacher. If you start to learn English from her, you will never stop learning English because of her energy and good teaching skills. She is explaining in the video how she teaches English and what you need to do to learn English effectively.


If you want to learn more about LiveEnglishClass, visit our website; www.LiveEnglishClass.com



Hi! I’m Yana and I’m an online English teacher from Live English class


  1. Why do you like teaching English online?

I like teaching English online because it gives you an opportunity to interact with people while being more familiar with different culture around the world. I also enjoy motivating language learner and help them to know more about the English language.

  1. What do you think a student needs to do to learn English online better?

We just need to do three things to learn English better. First is to set our goals, second is continuous practice and third and the most important is to enjoy. Doing these three things, learning English will be fun, exciting and …..

  1. How do you teach students? Do you have your own knowhow?

I usually prepare different materials for my students. I try to match the materials with the levels of my student so that the activities that we have to accomplish will not be too easy or too difficult for them. I also try to prepare additional activities like tongue twisters, English games, English news and even daily expression that will make our class interactive, entertaining and interesting.

  1. Tell your candidate student who wants to learn English.

Learning English is always fun, exciting and easy; all we need to do is just to add extra effort to develop our English skills. So don’t feel shy, don’t feel afraid, let’s start now, let’s achieve your desired English level!


So that’s all for now, thank you so much! Bye!

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