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How to Learn English

Expose Yourself with Time Magazine

Time Magazine’s Years of Progression

In the year 1923, Time magazine was made to be a weekly American distribution for all to read. In the first making of Time magazine, the first planned name was Facts because the two creators, Hadden and Luce, wanted to shower their audience with the reality that is going on and they really wanted to emphasize that. However, Hadden always was connoting to Luce that their magazine should not be very time consuming and must be directly conveying the messages they wanted to give to the readers; thus Time magazine was established.


Time magazine is the earliest published news magazine to circulate all of United States every week. The magazine wanted to make it very clear that it doesn’t need so much time to give the crowd better attracting news, rather, everyday events that happened in the whole week must be given for awareness of all humanity. News is not to be picked up whether it is the right one to share because everything is as important as the other one.  Not only do Time magazine pluck out news from all over state, it also has so many worth reading articles composed by hired writers and editors that travel all over the world to give us the insight of not only one continental view but the general perception of everybody.

Using Time Magazine Articles to Better English Skills

Time magazine is an American news magazine. English is basically the most core of this news material. To understand the depth of what you are reading in the Time magazine, one should be familiar with the English language. Different writers and editors use a variety of expression and it will be most confusing for non-English speakers to really grasp the main content of the news and other sectioned articles if they are not aware of the rules that pacify English.

Learning English is now best served in online classes which are hassle free for those who have a tight schedule in their midst of lives. Best online tutorial classes are found in the search engines internet wise and these classes provide comprehensive enhancement skills. Time magazine can be of great help for practicing in this part of the English language. The diversity of its articles will provide a lot of views and opinions can manifest from them. Coordinating the English classes and the article readings in the news magazine will hasten one’s ability in English speaking or writing.



Many branches of the Time magazine are now spread out to produce the Time magazine issues in the respective places. Time magazine also made an online website ( that is being sectioned in the way reader and subscribers will have an easy way of searching what they are looking for. It is creating a convenience for the people’s benefit and to assure that even when the people are far away and were not able to subscribe, they may still be a part of Time magazine’s work of art. Time magazine also made a connection with its people by updating them through subscriptions that are paid on discussed terms.


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to shower – inform

time consuming – takes a lot of time

to circulate – go all around; flow

be picked up – chosen

everything in the surface – all the things that existed


How to Learn English

[Learning English with Books]What should you read to improve English speaking?

We have studied why reading English is so important to advance your English speaking and how it works (see our posts about “Learning English with Books” Now, it is time to choose books for your English study.


What should you read to improve your English speaking?

You should choose books which are appropriate for your reading level. What happens if you choose books which are too easy for you? You can read them easily but your English improves inefficiently since you already will know most of the text and your brain is not challenged to learn. What about difficult books for you? You may learn a lot but you will likely consume too much time trying to understand, and you might become frustrated.

The best option is choosing books at a level from which you can learn new English expressions and structures of sentences. We recommend that you choose books considering the following conditions:

  1. Vocabulary and expression: There must be less than 5 new words or expressions per page.
  2. Grammar: You should be able to understand most sentences in a book by reading it less than two or three times.
  3. Number of pages: You can read the complete book in 3 – 5 months or less.
  4. Contents: The book should be interesting to you. For example it is helpful if the book is related to your hobbies, studies or occupation.
  5. Listening: You should choose books which come with audio CDs or tapes so that you can also listen to the book.
  6. Study: It is useful to read books which have descriptions in your native language to help you understand. tries to propose the best textbooks for your English speaking lessons so that you can practice English speaking with our English teachers and by yourself. 

How to Learn English

[Learning English with Books] Process of training your brain and your tongue

“I’m a boy” is a very simple and easy sentence. But if someone listens to this sentence for the first time in his life, it is very difficult to repeat it exactly. This is because he never experienced this kind of sound, and his brain never ordered its vocal organs to form these words. This applies to English native speakers trying to mimic languages which are foreign to them.

training your ears

Train your ears and tongue with English books.

It is usually accepted that you can comprehend the English that you hear, to the extent that you can speak. Most people assume that if they can listen to English very well, then they can speak English well. But this is a very rare case. Speaking helps listening in most cases. Your speaking and listening skills actually develop together. As for English learners, being able to speak the language first will be a more efficient path to learning English, because practicing speaking is easier than listening. (Have you ever tried to understand Hollywood movies without subtitles in your main language?)


English Speaking Lessons by Skype,

How to Learn English

[Learning English with Books] Benefits of Reading English Aloud

Some people recommend memorization of the English texts you read to improve English. Of course, this may be more helpful when you compare it with reading without memorizing.

The fact is, however, that learning a language is not accomplished in a few days or months. It is very important that you do not get tired of learning English. Many people give up learning English because they studied it too much and too intensively! Let’s relax and think about learning English as a long-term endeavor – without stress or pressure.

We suggest that you read English aloud as much as possible, but without trying to constantly trying to memorize. It is important, however, to read the same texts repeatedly. While you read an article or textbook again and again, you will find that you often memorize the text without even trying! You will likely also develop the ability to construct sentences, as those sentences you have read again and again will become sentences you use in your English speech. If you have the opportunity to practice these sentences and speak English with English speakers regularly, you English speaking ability will improve rapidly and dramatically.

Benefits of reading English aloud to improve your listening skills and speaking

Which one is your favorite position for reading?

English sentences are constructed by combining countless words into many types of sentences. There are, however, several basic patterns of English sentences. Reading helps to familiarize you with these basic English patterns so that you can memorize English sentences, and their structure, better.


We recommend for you to read your textbook aloud at least twenty times while you take English Speaking Lessons by Skype from


How to Learn English

[Learning English with Books] Why Reading is so important?

Babies learning English as their first language and mother tongue learn by listening to their parents’ speaking. This way they naturally learn how to speak. That is why some people suggest that if you want to speak English fluently, you need to improve your listening skills. With this in mind, if you really want to improve your English, it would be ideal if you had a native speaker available to play the role of the parents of those babies. Of course, your English would dramatically improve in this case, especially if that person lives with you and steadily teaches you English. Of course, such as scenario is not always possible.

What about listening to audio English books or lessons? This may help you get familiar with English sounds. But if you do not understand them, the efficiency of this method is not very high. You can only understand sentences you already know. This means you need to get familiar with more English sentences. To achieve this, you should read as many as possible. Reading aloud trains your brain and your vocal organs. While you may initially have trouble reading English aloud since your vocal organs are accustomed to your mother tongue, repeating this practice will enable you to speak English naturally. This is very similar to learning swimming, biking and skating. When you learn them at the first stage, you feel pain in many parts of your body because you use muscles you never used before. Once you learn and practice them, however, your body adjusts naturally and unconsciously.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of what you need to read. 🙂

Next time, let’s see what kinds of benefits you can get by reading English.


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