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How to learn English

How to Learn English

Getting The Right Kind Of Positivity With An Inspirational Quote

Have you ever experienced being so down and got uplifted with the help of an inspirational quote? Most of the time, people read something that they can relate to and feel some hope that they are not the only ones that are being in a frustrating situation. However, not all quotes are inspirational; some are realistic, factual, hurtful and simply relatable.


How is an inspirational quote written?

Quotes may seem very simple in the eyes of the readers but for those that tend to write these statements, the mind-raving task is very complicated especially if you have not mustered the rules and properties of the language and of course, literature. It takes years and a lifetime of emotional experience to make several valid and relevant quotes that can last for generations. An inspirational quote, for example, cannot be written by someone who has not been challenged by life.

Have you noticed the real authors of very popular quotes? They are not just nobody. Most of them are highly intellectual and or important in the world of literature; note that it is not only people in literature who are able to contribute to the vast lines of every inspirational quote.


How does an inspirational quote help?

  • Uplifts Spirit. An inspirational quote uplifts your spirit because of the hope that it shares you and to other readers. The feeling of being understood and having some comfort from a set of words that were written by a complete stranger to you creates a mindset of being able to relate to someone.


  • Boosts Confidence. An inspirational quote gives you more confidence to work and be the best that you can for every single day of your life because of the motivation that sets in your perception. Reading a relatable motivational quote can fossilize a goal that you would be determined to reach. This is a kind of drive that people need in their lived because negative comments from others can’t be avoided.
  • A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass, and the words Confidence Level, symbolizing a positive attitude
    • Staples Positivity. An inspirational quote that can uplift your spiritual wellbeing and boost your confidence will push you to be more positive. Positivity is a good vibe and it can be very contagious. If you get and give positivity then you are imposing a healthy lifestyle not only to yourself but also to the people around you.

    If you ever feel the need of having some good vibes at the end of your work day, then do not hesitate to scan on good books or even social media because you will surely find the perfect inspirational quote. You can even jot down your very own personal composition of motivational quotes. To do this, you need to practice expressing yourself through writing and be an effective conveyor.

    The best and most famous quotes such as an inspirational quote; are written in the universal language which is English. If you are not a native English speaker then you can practice English by taking classes at your available time. It is also advised that you read lots of English written books, articles and short stories so that you can be familiar with the sentences and their construction.

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  • Glossary:

    so down – sad

    frustrating situation – unpleasant situation

    mind-raving task – complicated work

    vast lines  – long sentences

    complete stranger – person who you do not know

How to Learn English

Effective Memorization Techniques for Brain Enhancement

If you want to get ready for next day’s class discussion or in need of a fast review about an important matter that you should never forget then you should be aware of the effective techniques that will boost brain enhancement. Memorization can be tough especially if you got loads of words to stick up in your brain. You need to understand what you are trying to memorize so that it will matter.


So how can you effectively memorize what you need to remember?


Chunk it out

This is best done with numbers or group or letter and number. Brain enhancement is not necessarily achieved through fast and forceful storing. Little by little you need to fossilize every character into your mind until you don’t need to think hard just to get the whole series right.

Learn to categorize

Do you notice how more convenient it is to categorize the words instead of just memorizing them randomly? This system is a well-known method to gain brain enhancement for memorization purposes. The brain acknowledges this kind of technique because of the familiarity that it poses. There are so many categories that a word can fit in. You just need to find the right subject and place each noun into the category.


Repeat it over and over again

Most people would do repetition especially if they do not understand what they are trying to memorize. This kind of brain enhancement method can be quite complicated because by just repeating something that does not mean anything to you can cause loss of those words or things. However, in very certain situations like cramming, constant repetition may be a good way; although not very ideal.

Try to understand everything

Not only is this one of the best brain enhancement memorization technique but this is also the most ideal one because you will be able to reason out and rationalize what is asked of you. When you understand something, you do not need to just remember a certain group of words and number because by then your mind will automatically register what you have learned. You will be more productive with this type of memorization.

Be comfortable

When you are comfortable, your mind works better and or optimally. Brain enhancement is best obtained when you are in a state of grace. That is why, when you are trying to memorize a bundle of paper full or words then you should first prepare for it. You can try to play on music for your background to soothe your nerves or placing good food by your side to ease your pain of undergoing long periods of time for undivided attention. You should learn how to forget everything else when you want to memorize because if you disconnect from the outside world then you will be able to focus only to what you are doing. Standing up and roaming around also helps to ease the pressure that you are feeling especially if you are having a hard time keeping up with difficult words.


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loads of words – many words

to fossilize – engrave

quite complicated – tricky and confusing

not very ideal – not the best

to reason out – answer

How to Learn English

Listening Your Way Through English Using English Conversations

People who are not English natives tend to have a harder time learning the basics of the English language especially for those that are not exposed to it maximally. This is not only a struggle for students but also for their mentors because one cannot simply push a person’s interest and inquisitiveness to his or her level of intellect. With this, many teachers use a variety of tactics such as giving out audio files with English conversations so that they can effectively convey their understanding from their own point of view to the student’s.



How Does English Conversations Help?

  • Although most students will not get the whole thought immediately after listening to an English conversation, the familiarity that it promotes help in enhancing the listeners’ skills of how to construct proper English sentences. Not everyone are experts in grammar, but most keep good track of the right usage of words with conversations that they hear from time to time in schools, media and even outdoors. The idea is to fossilize rules and applicable uses of phrases into one’s mind without him or her trying to pressure himself or herself.
  • Formal conversations are not always used so you cannot simply rely on making up connecting phrases with the most appropriate words according to what you have learned in the books. When people talk they tend to get out of the ruling lane for smart formalities into the informal and communicative one. If you think about it, allowing yourself to talk in English conversations by the book every single time will make you look like a show off or a funny person.
  • Audio files are the best ways to make students understand about how to use stresses in words. Intonations are sometimes very confusing especially when paired with same words having different meanings. Listening to English conversations will lighten up confusions on how to syllabicate words using proper voice rises.


  • Proper Emotion Use. English conversations also help in exposing the listeners to different ways of expressing sentences. You will be able to know what kind of emotions is required with the given punctuations. Putting feelings into your conversations is as important as indicating proper use of rules and lapses.
  • Understanding Slang Words. Slang is a word that is made up given the trend of a community or social circle. You cannot just use them in any conversation that suits you because most English conversations that have slangs are mindful of the setting or the location or event that a person is in because there are certain formalities that may not appreciate the use of slangs. It is always helpful to listen to the people conversing so that you can pick up the what-not.

The establishment of online teaching academies supports learning not only with your eyes and brain but also with your ears. With teacher student conversations in this kind of schools, both can learn about each other’s strength and weaknesses. This setup is a give and take relationship because of the fact that both can benefit from each of their insights.




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not English natives – those that are not born as English citizens

level of intellect – how smart a person is

keep good track – follow the proper ways

connecting phrases – sentences

lighten up confusions – ease confusion or totally get rid of it

How to Learn English

What are the best books about learning?

If you ask such question, many kinds of answers will be available because of the fact that it has a wide variety of range. However, to summarize and or generalize everything that is recommended by individual media sites or experts’ personal opinions, you must keep in mind that every single detail about learning is different from each person. That is the best books about learning consist of a person’s personal list of reading materials which have inspired him and or her the most.

best-books-about-learning -라이브잉글리시클래스-전화영어

Online opinions

Searching this matter online, you will find many kinds of labels claiming the top results of the surveys done in order to find out the truth about it. The New York Times, for example, has listed their own best books for learning that are also the bestselling educational books for the year 2013. Most of them have very interesting titles because they are not just about the technicalities of facts but also the curios and fun side of matters. Just like the one that is entitled How to Read Literature like a Professor which is one on the top 5 books seen in the long list, it creates a quite enticing effect on people who are interested about the twists and turns of the Lit world.

You can also witness that most of the experts’ views about the best books about learning are based on the teachings of life and how it works. The generality of the topic is simplified and is translated into the terms that can be understood by the common folks; even those that do not have a background in education. However, these kinds of books about life are very crucial to read because learning the facts about an author’s concept can be somehow too much especially if you do not have an open mind about certain realistic details of the world and its creation.

learning-online -라이브잉글리시클래스-전화영어

History based teachings

Some institutions bring back the whole scenario of the history to empower child’s mind by giving them awareness about the reasons as to why the present is established the way that it is now. Unlike the materials that can give improvement to speech, one of the best books about learning is occupied with the events that happened years ago. Even in the world of Science and Mathematics, you cannot fully understand the whole insight presented to you if you do not go back to the origins of each specific topic being discussed. This kind of book is not entirely focused on history; rather the starting line of the general overview of the world back then.

reading-books- -라이브잉글리시클래스-전화영어

Learning online

Having no time to actually attend school because of schedule matters or the age issues, you can opt to learn online. There are many established academies with specific and or general goals of the teachings that they want to pass through. These kinds of institutions use what they know to be the most effective and best books about learning in order to convince their students to give interest on the matters that they tackle on every single class. This is a very beneficial way of gaining knowledge; besides the fact of convenience; because the student’s opinion also matter.

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insight on reality – view of what is real

because of the fact – based on the truth

twists and turns – odd mechanics

common folks – public

whole scenario – everything

How to Learn English

What You Need to Know about English Spelling Learning

Not all English words are simple. There are those that are very complicated in terms of structure; spelling, stresses and the right use. That is why it is important that one has a wide vocabulary in order to get a good coverage of all the words that are set up for good use. Practicing the construction of words seems to be easy. But many do not know the English spelling learning a very strenuous work considering that there are very many of them that are being made official and are placed as a legit group of alphabets combined in the dictionary.


Institutions are always developing new ways to get the interests of their students to have English spelling learning. Encouraging the students to take such course will enhance their minds; especially the young ones who still have the inquisitiveness in them; to make some room for the learning in their memory storage. The best way to make this kind of matter work out is to facilitate a very pleasant atmosphere while doing the lesson. It is not advisable to force the students into remembering and recalling the spelling of words if they are not in the right mood because it will only give disappointments and negativity on both parts.

English spelling learning is a step by step process with the right kind of compromise from both students and the teacher. The mind is said to have only the capacity of a 2 hour session until it begins to stop processing all the details that you are trying to stick in. That is why it is very important to have breaks during spelling lesson because this kind of matter needs memorization which is sometimes a killer of good cells. Moderation is the key to success.


Advanced English Spelling Learning

With the new innovations that are beginning to make great breakthroughs in the present times, English spelling learning is not as hard as it used to be. You can now learn by playing games through your smartphones and other newly designed gadgets that can access applications having these kinds of features. Also, many industries are promoting educative stuff to be placed together with the fun features of the newly developed technologies. It is very common to see people, even children of very young ages, using very advanced gadgets in playing to kill time.


Online English courses are also available for the taking. This is made possible with the worldwide coverage that the internet has. Without having the inconvenience of driving around of having actual school obligations, you can make reservations of convenient scheduling with so many English schools online that are offering services to practically anyone who are interested in learning the language. It is the priority of these online academies to correct all English related structures in order to get a positive outcome not only for profit gain but also for the betterment of their students’ skills.

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Highest potential – maximum capacity

wide vocabulary – vast knowledge on terminologies

right mood – right state of mind

to stick in – to put in

great breakthroughs – big impact

school obligations – going to school and doing other school stuff