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English Essay

English Essay

How to Find an English Boyfriend

There are times when people prefer to tie the knot with an opposite sex coming from another nationality. This is somehow affected by life’s practical factors such as money and the luxury of travelling without having to go under very intense questioning by the customs. A lot of people from third world countries are attracted to foreign individuals that come from developed nations. As what was mentioned previously, this has something to do with the motive of getting out of their unpleasant place or status in the society. This is just how they see the whole cause in the run to find an English boyfriend.

love On the other hand, there are still existing romantics that look for love in the voice of English accented men and women that can lure a million stars in their night sky. If you ask people with this kind of perception about love and life then you will understand how the find an English boyfriend scene greatly upholds the viewpoint of those who adore Shakespeare in pieces. Hearing a sexy voice in English can be admittedly enthralling to the heart which can effectively release more oxytocin in the system; making a person fall in love easily.


In the aspect of those people having a high standard, their reason to find an English boyfriend roots from the need to pair themselves with individuals who they think are also worthy of having great minds like them. It is a real turn on for intellectual people to meet and greet people that can speak good English fluently in discussing challenging topics. You can see the point if you look in the opposite part of the scene wherein blissfully bright people with high standards chat with those who do not even know Basic English.

So how can you really find an English boyfriend and keep them for good? There are actually a lot of ways that you can do in order to meet English men even without having to cross the ocean to see them personally. One of the biggest hubs for this kind of matter is the internet. There are a lot of internet dating sites for people who want to explore their options of mate coming from the different corners of the world. If you have a good command in English, then you can surely find someone who has better English skills that can catch up with your pace and fluency. You can also probably meet your English man when you travel because it can open doors for you and since the general population of the world love this kind of hobby, there is a greater chance for you to bump with the person that you are looking for.

If you want to pursue your joyous hopeful thinking to find an English boyfriend, then you have to prepare yourself by practicing your English skills in order to get better chances in your scheme. You can do so by attending English classes in universities offering lessons for walk-in individuals. You can also opt to join an online English academy which can be more convenient and pressure free.


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 circle around – comes into and doesn’t stop

tie the knot – get married

practical factors – aspects that are weighed to be more needed

lure a million stars in their night sky – brighten their mood

roots from – comes from

English Essay

Best Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones

When you hear the word Christmas, what comes directly into your mind? Is it the jolly singing? Candy canes? Pine trees? Or is it the big old fluffy Santa Claus? Once in a year, this holiday merriment is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus who is claimed to be the son of the most omnipotent one. People tend to be jolly on this day in December because it is considered to be a No Work, No Class week and is being portrayed with the help of millions of glowing lights with caroling and gifts. You can even see Christmas sale galore for the best Christmas gifts in some of the most popular sites online and in most of the malls near your area.



Best Christmas Gifts for Men

If you want to give your husband, boyfriend, “boy-friend” the best Christmas gifts that you know they will surely love, you can start by considering their interests. Men can want different kinds of things depending on their hobbies and leisure. They can be into sports, cards, rides, gadgets, outfits, accessories and other stuff that can relate to their masculinity. On the other hand, if you want to totally surprise them with something that they would never expect from you, you can opt to buy goods that are opposite and or rare; something that they did not even think about having. Watches, caps and shirts are the most common gifts that make men delightful without having to risk anything.


Best Christmas Gifts for Women

Women, unlike men, can be very easy to deal with in terms of gift giving. If you search for the best Christmas gifts for women, a variety of goods will be presented to you and you can be assured that one of those will most likely make them squeal with glee. You can bags, accessories, dresses and other bling that suits them. However, if you really want to please them, you can push a little effort and make customize something that would really hit their emotional globe. This is because women are best known on how they handle and value their feelings.



Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

What makes children happiest is a question that is not only limited to the likes of foods but rather to the cool toys. If you want your child to have fun while also learning then you can get them one of the best Christmas gifts that are ranked to be the best sellers in most stores. Educational toys such as tablet for kids, blocks, dolls that talk, sing and can actually converse will not only make your children gleeful but also, it will comfort your mind on the fact that you are spending your money’s worth on both you and your kid’s happy selection.



There are a lot of online sites that wherein you can get the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You can also choose to go to malls that are having discounted sales. Or you can customize something that is yours. With these options, you can certainly make your loved ones happy for the season.

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jolly singing – happy singing

holiday merriment – vacation celebration

most omnipotent one – most powerful being

gift giving- act of giving a gift

your loved ones – people you love

English Essay

Dealing with Learning Disabilities

Healthy individuals are considered to be lucky because of their normal handling of the daily activities and or obligations. It is a wrong perception to see someone who is capable of learning but doesn’t have the interest of doing so as an unfortunate one. People with learning disabilities however need special attention to manage the things that the normal people can do without any hassle. They have to cope up with the ways and techniques in making deeds possible for them to achieve the feeling of sustainment.


We all know that taking care of people with learning disabilities is a very hard responsibility because you have to make them understand what you are both trying to do while mustering all the patience to be as gentle and as thoughtful about their situation. Not everyone has the sympathy for those who were born with such frailties. That is why there are special schools established to assist those families who have someone that has a learning disability. The facilities and personnel of these kinds of schools are prepared and trained, respectively speaking, with the highest standards of skill. The administrators don’t just pick ordinary teachers because dealing with persons with a learning disability is another subject to focus to.

One of the first things that people with learning disabilities need to study is the speaking; thus the application of language training. Language is a very tricky matter; even those who are normal have the difficulty learning this part of the many aspects of knowledge. Trying to convey the message of what the lesson is all about will be a challenge for both the teacher and the student. And because of the adversaries of learning disabilities, the ways and or methods of teaching must vary. There are those people who have a slow pace in terms of understanding and there are those who don’t completely have the attention span of a normal human. The teachers who are should be trained for these kinds of situation must be aggressive their techniques so that there will a high success rate.


Limitations are placed in between those that are normally capable and with those who have learning disabilities. Slight and or drastic changes are made for special students to achieve the goal of them learning despite the debilitating factors affecting their lives. Unlike normal people, people with learning disabilities can’t have the luxury of being taught with the convenience of the modern world. However, advancements are made for the benefits of the said individuals for them to adapt with the constantly changing environment that they are living. There are a variety software that are designed to be an assistance to them. No matter how special the people with learning disabilities may look like, they are still capable of learning; nevertheless, they are not less people compared to the genetically normal human beings. It is only within the way of perceiving the things in front of us that we can truly determine the standards the normal abyss.



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coping up – handling

major alterations – big changes

genetic coding – heredity

frailties – disabilities

respectively speaking – corresponding order of words

language training – studying language

English Essay

How to Build Up Self-Confidence

Most times when you feel uncomfortable with a situation or even with the way you look for instance, you get that feeling of being a minority and also, the cracking up of self-doubts. Ask yourself, are you confident with yourself? If your answer is in between yes and no then go get tuned up about how to build up self-confidence.


Being able to create an aura of positivity every day is no joke. Not all the time you can present yourself as the happy jolly, lass or lad strolling around town like some kind of sunshine to every person that you encounter. Sometimes, dark clouds of second thoughts about your physical, emotional and mental self are drooping just above you ready to take away those glistening rays of happiness. That is why it is very significant to know crisscross on how to build up self-confidence despite the negativism that is constantly banging on your door.


There are many books that you can read about how to build up your self-confidence. For one, there are many aspects in your life that needs to be adjusted one by one before you can really be generally ready to speak up about how sure are you with yourself. Some people utter out their unwanted vibes about their physique and are continuously looking for remedies about the not so good features that they have. This may seem very petty most times but most people are self-conscious about the way they look more than they seem to present themselves in public. Others, who do not really mind their physicality, touch more doubts in their mental abilities on the level of intellect that they have among all others.

One way of owning your life and answering your thoughts about how to build up your self-confidence is to harness something that you are good at. Nowadays, people are getting more grammar conscious than ever because of the fact that the present generation is becoming a very liberate case of expressing their words freely. Misspelled words and wrongful construction of sentences are becoming rampant and the young ones think lightly of this situation. Parents, schools and other language sensible industries worry more and more and thus there is now a societal standard about the mentality of a person through the way he or she thinks and speaks.


Being able to speak fluently is a big boost of self-confidence. There is now the ability to present oneself in a formal manner with a touch of class and sophistication thus being one of the many solutions on how to build up self-confidence. The academics are strictly very precise about the languages especially English, since it is the universal language. Many classes are offered with the additional coop of tutorials in actuality or online. There is now a choice that is given conveniently by the business industry to have your English language heightened with the help of virtual teachers. This is a step to create your own identity and claim forward a milestone on how to build your self-confidence.


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external influences – factors in your environment affecting you

being a minority – being small or inferior

cracking up of self-doubts – surfacing consciousness about oneself

tuned up – fixed

dark clouds – negative

crisscross – different ways

How to Learn English

Fun Free Study Buddy with Educational Games!

Do you wonder why most of the applications on your parents’ phones or even the gadgets of your older and younger siblings contain games that are highly recommended because of its beneficial gains in terms of awareness? Educational games have the most downloaded and or used materials for fun and learning. It is not only a way to manipulate your kids’ interests but also it gives the excitement that everyone wants. Many paraphernalia such as board games, text games and or matching games with drawn pictures are being used because the visual allotment increases the boost for curiosity in the minds of the young and the old.


Educational games are now easily found for the convenience of the academic system. You can either buy them in shops or stores or just download them online with the use of your smartphones and or personal computers. Such educational games are designed to give the mind something to practice while having a stress free leisure. Legit carefree bonding can be made with the use of the educational games since most of them are now in bundles for multiplayer gaming. Online playing was also made possible for those who wanted to compete with other people in other countries. Not only are educational games come in forms of textual and or photo customs but other games such as fast paced searches or hand eye coordinating plays are also considered as the type of educational games for enhancement of the brain activity.


You can really learn many things from the educational games especially when you are practicing languages such as the English language. Many games nowadays are systemized to be in the English language since it is the universal language and because it can really attract many players. Using this kind of tactic is very feasible for those app companies because not only are they helping their gamers the right use of the English language but also, they are encouraging them to have formal conversations with other people who are strangers to each other. Text games consisting of matching types of forming of correct words are very helpful in the word association, diction and pronunciation of a person.


Many English teaching schools and online academies are using this kind of method, educational games per se, in their daily and or weekly classes to give some fun and mood lightening scene between the student and the teacher. It is very important that the student will be very invested on his or her classes for him or her to learn because taking a lot of time in a boring class is useless for it will only be a part of the dreaded day. Mobilizing the educational games for English classes is a great method to convince the clients that learning is not just some meticulous way of discipline but also a fun free exciting moment of discovering new stuff with a tinge of excitement. Having the feeling of something to look forward to for the students’ benefits is a good sign of success in learning.

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entire age group – youngsters to old people

beneficial gains – helpful advantages

visual allotment – graphic part

boost for curiosity –  enhance the curiosity

stress free leisure – hassle free relaxation

brain activity – mind’s works