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How to Learn English

Effective Memorization Techniques for Brain Enhancement

If you want to get ready for next day’s class discussion or in need of a fast review about an important matter that you should never forget then you should be aware of the effective techniques that will boost brain enhancement. Memorization can be tough especially if you got loads of words to stick up in your brain. You need to understand what you are trying to memorize so that it will matter.


So how can you effectively memorize what you need to remember?


Chunk it out

This is best done with numbers or group or letter and number. Brain enhancement is not necessarily achieved through fast and forceful storing. Little by little you need to fossilize every character into your mind until you don’t need to think hard just to get the whole series right.

Learn to categorize

Do you notice how more convenient it is to categorize the words instead of just memorizing them randomly? This system is a well-known method to gain brain enhancement for memorization purposes. The brain acknowledges this kind of technique because of the familiarity that it poses. There are so many categories that a word can fit in. You just need to find the right subject and place each noun into the category.


Repeat it over and over again

Most people would do repetition especially if they do not understand what they are trying to memorize. This kind of brain enhancement method can be quite complicated because by just repeating something that does not mean anything to you can cause loss of those words or things. However, in very certain situations like cramming, constant repetition may be a good way; although not very ideal.

Try to understand everything

Not only is this one of the best brain enhancement memorization technique but this is also the most ideal one because you will be able to reason out and rationalize what is asked of you. When you understand something, you do not need to just remember a certain group of words and number because by then your mind will automatically register what you have learned. You will be more productive with this type of memorization.

Be comfortable

When you are comfortable, your mind works better and or optimally. Brain enhancement is best obtained when you are in a state of grace. That is why, when you are trying to memorize a bundle of paper full or words then you should first prepare for it. You can try to play on music for your background to soothe your nerves or placing good food by your side to ease your pain of undergoing long periods of time for undivided attention. You should learn how to forget everything else when you want to memorize because if you disconnect from the outside world then you will be able to focus only to what you are doing. Standing up and roaming around also helps to ease the pressure that you are feeling especially if you are having a hard time keeping up with difficult words.


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loads of words – many words

to fossilize – engrave

quite complicated – tricky and confusing

not very ideal – not the best

to reason out – answer

How to Learn English

Recreational Activities To Improve English Comprehension Using Learning Games

There are many situations wherein improving English skills can be challenging; one is when you are totally an alien towards it and the other is when you are dealing with a child. This is why learning games are introduced for teachers to manipulate the mood and interest of a person.

So how do learning games work? How do they help in building a foundation for better English skills that is strong enough for future use?



Getting The Student’s Attention

Nowadays, people who are hustling to learn the English language  are having a hard time because of other extracurricular activities that are more interesting than sitting in a gloomy room listening to a person in front continuously badgering your mind with English words. This is a very also a big issue with kids because they tend to divert their attention from one thing to another quickly. With this, experts all around the world have collaborated and agreed with different kinds of techniques to be used such as learning games that can garner better results from their English students.



How Does The Technology Take Part Of This Quest

The modern day people have adapted the use of techy stuff to conveniently do their chores. Web developers have taken this opportunity to use their skills and gain profit by making free educational games that can be accessed through the internet; and what makes them great is the fact that most of these internet games are downloadable. Top search for learning games would lead you to learning games that can be played on different gadgets.

Preschoolers Learning Games

Teaching kids of young ages is a very important matter because their brain can store up knowledge more efficiently. If you are a mom of a preschooler, you would be concerned on how to keep up with their age’s curriculum while giving your kid the free pressure period. Learning games that consists of number and letter songs are the best ways to entertain your child and give them free and fun educational lessons that can enhance their communicating skills.

With English being the universal language, teachers and parent should instill the first lessons through English videos for kids. Free educational games can be found on different websites or you can make your very own flashcards and sing your kid a song that can best help him or her understand things.

Group Dynamics

Learning English can also be made fun when taught in groups. These kinds of setup would help eliminate awkward teacher-to-student conversations and can create a more enthralling jive especially for kids. Recreational sessions are indeed very helpful and have been proven to provide higher positive results for learning. Being in a group and knowing that you can rely on others to help you is a very reassuring feeling which establishes better vision. Learning English through free educational games and or learning games is one of the most effective ways to give and take knowledge from one person to another.



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an alien – new, foreign

building a foundation – create a base

extracurricular activities – additional events

badgering your mind – forcefully teaching

modern day people – present people

English Essay

Getting a Hip for Educational Vacations

Loving the “go sees” that our world has to offer is one way of gathering the knowledge and passion to create our own identity and purpose. Travelling has been the most sought off leisure of the people that wants to relax their tired mind and body while also gaining something that isn’t of great pressure. Educational vacations don’t only bring the stress free barge but also gives an extra thought for a healthy mind.


The fun that you put into learning and discovering more can be achieved in so many ways; one is educational vacation. When you go to a foreign place, you catch up with their culture, traditions and also the way they act and talk. Everything will be new and those that make some sense of familiarity are a result of the open trade acts that is done globally. An educational vacations will enlighten your own definition of internal solitude without stressing the process of being taught. It is not necessary that you should learn everything at once regarding the place that you will be staying in or going to; however, you must be aware of the travelling and or vacation FAQs so that you won’t have a hard time following directions and instructions.


The first thing that you should put in mind when going to an educational vacation is knowing; even a little; the universal language, which is English. Even though your destination is not in an actual foreign English land, it is easier to communicate with the people using the English language. Moreover, if you are going to the land of native English speakers, it will also be a door for you to adapt and practice more of your free English conversations with the people around. Educational vacation is a sweet escape from the traffic jams of your life’s affairs. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a break because every second spent in life is a time to learn; thus, even when you are out there, making sandcastles and drinking booze, there will always be a lesson beyond that.



Free conversations are now being practiced in online English classes. That is why, educational vacations is very much appreciated in this side of the learning process. When you converse with someone using the language that you want to be familiar with, you are actually gaining the sense of fluency in that particular focus. The ambience between classes and the free space during your educational vacation will vary your own ease of comfort. There is a big gap of difference when you are faced with a teacher even if what you are doing is just free conversation and of course, when you are relaxed and is having a sweet talk with a total stranger during one of your educational vacations. The English language needs to be spoken frequently if you want to have the mastery of native English person; although, not all who live in the foreign countries that speak English is very good at the language per se.


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fond of – have a good time doing something

leaps of faith – many chances

go sees – tourist spots

sense of familiarity – understanding

internal solitude – inner peace

traffic jams – trials and tribulations