Significance of Pet Adoption

When you watch dogs on the road wagging their tails happily; barking at you;  and  or cats curling up while staring deep into your eyes, do you think about pet adoption? Watching them and their sad eyes from behind the cages will surely make you feel of soft in the insides. This is what animals have that can easily attract owners.


Choosing to adopt will enable you to save a life. People sometimes really need to make a hard decision 0 in euthanizing animals that are not taken from their cages for quite some time because there are only limited spaces at their shelters. They can be euthanized by intravenous injection. Based on the Human Society of the United States, there are around 2.7 million dogs and cats that are being euthanized every year.  This shows the public that there are an abundance of adoptable animals that are killed to make room for others.  But this can be reduced passionately if more people will opt for pet adoption.

The act of pet adoption is extremely important; especially if the pet you are taking is from a shelter or from a breed rescue group; because it will create a balance in the ecosystem and make better lives not only for those helpless animals but also for those people who choose to be alone with the company of their pets. Moreover, animals in the shelter are already vaccinated which makes your expenses cheaper and real practical compared to buying your pets in animal stores wherein you need to pay for some extra shots. If you stop buying in pet stores, you won’t be supporting their harsh cause anymore and you can also save those puppies that are forced into mills.


As an additional advantage, shelter dogs that are open for pet adoption have never experienced the comfort that most of the store animals have; which is why they can easily adapt to any environment that you put them into.  They just need to be raised in a clean home environment.  Once you adopt them, you are also offering a new opportunity by giving them another chance to experience what life truly is like. They are just like humans. They deserved to be treated rightfully and justly. They do not deserve to be abused or suffer any younger.  Pets can make you feel better. They can put a smile on your face by their own ways. They can give you unconditional love. Once you have a pet at home, you will feel like you have one life to take care and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It will also lessen the feeling of loneliness.

Can’t afford a breeder? You can go online and look for different rescue groups if you are ready to adopt pets; you will have a new best friend who will be forever thankful. Pet adoption is not only life changing for them but as for you as well. After all, you now are a part of the billions of people that get loyalty from their pet animals.


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a trend – fashion

euthanizing animals – killing animals

real practical – useful

additional advantage – added benefit

put a smile on your face – make you smile

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