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LiveEnglishClass.com is providing 1-on-1 English Lessons by Skype. Oliver Meissner, Chief English Teaching Director at LiveEnglishClass.com, is an American citizen, born in the State of Connecticut, USA. In addition to English, he speaks fluent German, conversational Thai and Arabic. As a world traveler, Oliver has encountered many people striving to learn English – and sometimes has seen people struggling with their new, second language. He has studied extensively to come up with solutions for non-native speakers to English efficiently. Thanks to his insights and expertise about teaching English, the online English lessons at LiveEnglishClass.com have a distinguished and well organized English curriculum. He supervises all the English lesson curricula and online English lessons at LiveEnglishClass.com.


We’ve been working to provide our students with online English lessons at a reasonable price and with best quality. One of our philosophies is that in order for students to dramatically and rapidly improve their English is for them to have more time and opportunities to communicate in their new language. The Philippines is famous for its English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching services for English speaking countries such as the USA. English is the official language of the Philippines and there are many ESL English teachers and ESL schools. We recruit only qualified English teachers who can efficiently and effectively teach you standard American English. Our online English teachers have experience teaching English to students all over the world.

Our system is built and managed in South Korea. As you may be aware, this country is a world leader in the Information Technology (IT) business, and our Korean staff works to bring the most convenient and efficient platform for your online English class. Korean people are very familiar with providing such teaching systems due to its popularity in Korea.

In-Kyu Jung, Chief Technlogy Officer (CTO) at LiveEnglishClass.com and his development team sometimes skip sleep at night – they are night owls and like to work very hard to achieve success for LEC students.

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