[Expression] How to express something really great

There are many ways to express something is really great.

“That is a very cool dress you have on, my dear.” “Neato” – OK maybe it is a bit outdated but it is fine to use now and then anyway. Funny enough my nephew likes to use the work “sick”. Yes it is often used to refer to something extraordinary. “He really made a sick snowboard jump right there.”

How sick!

How sick!

Some of the words to describe great things are overused. Take “awesome” for example. Some people use that word in every other sentence. Used sparingly “awesome” is fine. If you are a member of the cool crowd you can use other words such as “sweet”, “Rad” (radical), “radical”, “the bomb”, “amazing” – cool people tend to not use words such as “fantastic “, “fabulous”, “splendid”, and yes even “extraordinary”, but for some of us these words are just fine.

For people who we think look nice we can say they look “hot”, “cute”, “smashing” (thanks Austin Powers), “fine” – these are generally interchangeable for the nice looking boys and girls out there.


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