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English Expressions

Where to hit the world! – Great places to travel to

Are you having itchy feet? Well the world is vast and there are a lot of places that could definitely satisfy your thirst for traveling. You could go alone or with your family or friends. You can choose from widely famous landmarks and cities or you can also go to undiscovered destinations. The latter is very much appropriate for those people that are really adventurous and wish for new sites to behold. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty are great places too, but if you’re looking for something new, behold indeed because here are some great places to travel to.


If you are a beach person, you’d definitely fall head over heels with Seychelles. This is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. With 115 islands, this place is perfect for couples or families that are traveling together. You will be mesmerized by heaven-like beaches where you can have romantic picnics or fun activities like games with friends and families. There are also terrific marine life awaiting you when you go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are spots where few divers have gone before so even experienced divers can find something they haven’t seen before. It would definitely feel like you have moved to a different world.



If you’re the one who loves to watch movies and wishes to relive the moments in your favorite flicks, you can visit some of the famous places that are real settings from famous flicks. For example Tokyo, Japan isn’t just about shopping districts and Disneyland anymore. You can dine in Gonpachi restaurant and see where Uma Thurman fought in Kill Bill. Or if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, hit the road to Queenstown, New Zealand where they shot most of the film and where you’ll get to see the hobbits’ village.


However if you want a place to escape stress and relax for a while, you can visit Cape Town, South Africa. Spend the time in Table Bay while looking at the silhouette of the magnificent Table Mountain. Its mesmerizing beauty will fill you with contentment and of course, it’s just picture perfect. If you really wish for peace and quiet, then the place for you is Patagonia located in the intersections of Argentina and Chile. You’ll definitely be at a loss for words when you arrive there. The sky is mostly blue and the nature surrounding you will take your stress away.


These are just a few of the places that you could travel to when you’re getting tired of all the main-stream vacation spots. Besides familiar and popular tourist destinations in certain countries, there are more undiscovered places that exactly match the beauty of its superiors. You don’t always have to go with the ordinary. Sometimes, you also have to let your inner adventurer come out and walk off the beaten path then you’ll be surprised at how many things, places, culture and people you can find. You will never know what awaits you if you don’t take a step towards it so start the journey now.


Of course effective English skill is needed when travelling. Here’s how to learn it:




itchy feet – a strong desire to travel

fall head over heels – be really in love

hit the road – set out on a journey

be at loss for words – unable to speak because of too much surprise or awe

main-stream – very usual; common

off the beaten path – unknown or not popular with many people

English Expressions

Mountain out of a Molehill

“Mountain out of a Molehill”

I am not sure if I have ever seen a molehill, or perhaps I should say that if have seen a molehill, I may not have actually known that that is what it was. In case you do not know the word “mole”, a mole is something like a mouse but lives in holes, which it digs by itself, in the ground. Moles are often considered pests since they like to eat roots of plants, and they sometimes kill plants in peoples’ yards and gardens, which the people end up not being so happy about.

Anyway, moles are rather small animals, so I imagine that if a mole makes a hill (a “molehill”) from the dirt that it has dug out of the ground, it is likely to be a rather small hill. Therefore, the English expression has come about: “making a mountain out of a molehill.” It is used when one wants to say that someone is exaggerating something, that someone is making something out to be much more, for example, important, larger, more valuable, than it really is.

english expression

For example, when Kathy says that she is really concerned about not being able to pay her bills even though she and her husband both have good jobs and plenty of money, you can say that she is “making a mountain out of a molehill.” Or if David decides to go to the police because his neighbor always parks his old car on the street, you can say he is “making a mountain out of a molehill.” Try this one on your friends when you have a chance.


Yours Truly,

Oliver, Teaching Director of

English Expressions

English Expression: Wearing Heart on Sleeve

“Wearing Heart on Sleeve”. This is an interesting expression: “He wears his heart on his sleeve”. That sure is a funny image. I can’t imagine someone actually wearing his heart on his sleeve (sleeve being that part of a shirt that covers your arm).

Of course, it this expression does not mean that someone takes out his heart and attaches it to his sleeve :). What is does refer to, however, is someone who lets everyone know how he or she is feeling, pretty much at any time. For example if your friend just got dumped (i.e. broken up with, relationship over) and he just looks sad all the time, you can say, “yeah, he wears his heart on his sleeve.” As another example, your co-worker often will start crying when she talks about her past love-life, or her family, “she wears her heart on her sleeve.” This expression usually refers to sad emotions as opposed to angry, happy or other emotions.

 english expression


Oliver, Teaching Director

English Expressions

[Expression] How to express something really great

There are many ways to express something is really great.

“That is a very cool dress you have on, my dear.” “Neato” – OK maybe it is a bit outdated but it is fine to use now and then anyway. Funny enough my nephew likes to use the work “sick”. Yes it is often used to refer to something extraordinary. “He really made a sick snowboard jump right there.”

How sick!

How sick!

Some of the words to describe great things are overused. Take “awesome” for example. Some people use that word in every other sentence. Used sparingly “awesome” is fine. If you are a member of the cool crowd you can use other words such as “sweet”, “Rad” (radical), “radical”, “the bomb”, “amazing” – cool people tend to not use words such as “fantastic “, “fabulous”, “splendid”, and yes even “extraordinary”, but for some of us these words are just fine.

For people who we think look nice we can say they look “hot”, “cute”, “smashing” (thanks Austin Powers), “fine” – these are generally interchangeable for the nice looking boys and girls out there.


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English Expressions

[English Expression] being taken for a ride

You may have heard this American English expression before: “being taken for a ride”.

Of course it does not mean that some nice person is offering to take you for a ride in their nice car. It is actually a more negative comment meaning that someone is taking advantage of you – that someone is doing something that is not fair or is not the right way to treat you. For example, if you paid a company to do some repairs on your house, and they keep making the bill higher and higher from what they first said the total cost would be, then you could say: “I am being taken for a ride by that company!”.

being taken for a ride

Is this a ride? 🙂

Or let’s say you are getting divorced and your wife is “taking you to the cleaners” (Ha I always do that – slipping in another expression – this one means that someone is taking all your money – more for another day). For this divorce case, where your wife is going to be taking most of your paycheck after the divorce,  you could actually say: “She is really taking me for a ride.” If you wanted to be very smart you could even combine the two expressions: “She is really taking me for a ride. She’s taking me to the cleaners! Ahhhhhh!”.

That’s all for now,

Oliver Meissener, LiveEnglishClass Teaching Director.

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