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English Essay

English Essay

Getting On Top With Cheap Textbooks

Not all people have the luxury to go to school. Some simply do not have the means or resources to support their education. However, this does not mean that one should also stop learning. One of the best ways to keep on discovering is by reading cheap textbooks that are donated or sold at very low prices.

book sale


Why cheap textbooks are the best kinds of learning tools

There are a lot of gadgets that can enable you to read, write, watch and research; but nothing beats the power of books, especially cheap textbooks. Why? Learning doesn’t need to be specific. You do not have to choose a certain area of matters that you would want to know more about. When you get cheap textbooks instead of reading from a classy device, you will learn how to adapt with what is shown to you; no matter how wide the verses or how few the images are.

Cheap textbooks can challenge you more. There are certain pages in a textbook that can make you reflect. Pertaining to the manner of reading, books will require more effort. You need to stand it up or lift it and manually flips every page. This is a good exercise although it may seem to be so simple.

With books, you keep in touch with your dreams, everybody and everything. You can travel to the early years without actually being forced to face ancient monsters. With books, you are free; and this freedom that you get from reading cheap textbooks does not risk you from a permanent damage of your physical attributes that you use for reading.

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Learning to appreciate little things and matters that simply mean no value to others is a worthy value to live with. Choosing to be contented of what you can avail to such as cheap textbooks, give you a sense of humility and practicality which is basically what everybody needs. Remember that education is a right and not a privilege that is given only to those who can afford it. All people around the world is entitled to learn and gain awareness for everything that he or she wants to discover.



The dangers of reading using technology

When you read from your tablet or iPad instead of those cheap textbooks, you are exposing yourself to a lot of chronic damages that are not instantly felt. Your eyes will slowly sink into the depths of blindness without you even knowing because of the radiation that keeps on hitting it every time it is directed to an electrically powered device.

Not only are you keeping on hurting your organs when you opt to ignore cheap textbooks and opt for the advanced method but you are also keeping on ransacking your pot of gold. For some, money may not be a big deal; however, for those who are struggling, money could be what their world lacks. Oftentimes, although some people would not admit it, the ability to buy everything without having second thoughts can be a great life risk.

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Means – capital; ways to make something possible

Donated – a thing that is given for free

nothing beats – nothing can surpass or be greater than

permanent damage – irreversible damage

slowly sink into the depths of blindness – a person will slowly go blind



English Essay

Why Knowing The Latest News Is A Must Do

The world today is unlike what it was a decade ago, or even a year ago. The evolution of planet Earth together with the living things that steward it is constantly on the go and changing. As part of the whole system, it is the responsibility of each person to know what was, is and will be. This is where the broadcasting of the latest news comes in.

latest news

How Ignorance Kills

When you do not know something that is being publicly notified by the authorities, then chances are, you are in for a big trouble. Unconsciously not knowing and choosing not to know is a crime of irresponsibility and lack of citizenship in a community. A lot of people are denying how ignorance can cause a life and death situation; blaming things for their own content. If you do not want to become a part of an accidental event that can be totally eluded, you should read or watch the latest news about the people around you and the outside world.


The Great Influence of Media

You may not notice it directly but the media plays an important role in everybody’s lives. Without it, a major part of the population will literally be lost especially when it comes to communication. It is very common nowadays to make an event trend just by posting it on social networks or submitting reports in news affiliated agencies. Basically, the latest news is not only coming from the other side of the camera but also on the side of the watcher and or listener himself.

If you have studied courses related to communication and arts, you will understand how the proper and urgent conveyance of the latest news can change not only a life but the lives of many. Still wondering how the media helps? First, they tend to be the best way to know how important matters in your community, country and in the world are going. It enables a strong cooperation between the media people and the common folks which leads to better outcome for ongoing issues. People can react and will be able to have a say to events that they are not comfortable with or are happy about.

breaking news


To Believe or Not

No matter how great media is, some of the latest news; especially those that are posted on social media sites can be misleading or have no relevance and or truth. People should remember that it is the responsibility of the media people to collect significant news that are real and documented to avoid dissemination of wrongful information.

It is highly advised to double check everything that you read or see because there are some sites or stories that surfaced for fame’s sakes. It is also recommended to get more than one legit reference because authors or writers’ point of view varies on how he or she feels regarding the issue. It is not always that professionalism is practiced so you should expect that there will be criticisms and haters but you should always be safe and happy.

news watching


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a decade ago – 10 years  ago

publicly notified – announced in public

outside world – outdoors

important role – significant part

ongoing issues – problems that are presently tackled

English Essay

Outdoor Camping

If you are one of those people who love to explore the outdoors then you must understand how camping can be a highlight of your life. There are times that you just need to pacify the things that keep on bothering you and you go someplace that you think you can be alone and just breathe for a while. Some important issues to deal with doesn’t necessarily need luxurious getaway. With a packed bag, you can be anywhere you want to be. However, you should be aware on the factors that you need to consider when you go camping.

camping 1

  • Packing Up. When you have decided about the destination of your tracks then you must next be assured that you have fully packed the things that you will need. Most of the time, people who camp barely use anything that is high-tech; which makes the whole experience challenging, exciting and fun. The food, as always, is the most important factor. You cannot find a grocery store in the middle of the woods so you should always bring an abundant supply. Take foods that are easy to eat and do not require any kind of cooking. Also, you should bring the tent that you can rely on. Do not use worn out, unreliable sleeping bags because no one is aware of what lies beyond the wilderness.

camping 2

  • Never forget that in camping you are dealing with matters that are somehow alien to your nature; most especially if you are adept with the city lifestyle. Safety should also be your top priority. Bring repellants that can lead you away from any kind of harmful insects and or animals. Make sure also that you bring some kind of weaponry; such as a knife; so that you can defend yourself in any uneventful cases.
  • Before you pick where you are going, do some research. Awareness is the key to positive outcomes. Make sure that the place that you will be going is not prone to accidents or any unpleasant events that can lead to life threatening conditions. Furthermore, you need to know some precautionary measures that you can do when you come face to face with unlikely situations. In this bracket, you should also have an in depth survey of the nature of the place that you want to visit. Learn as many languages as you can so that you will be able to communicate with people who are also lurking in the woods.

camp 3

There have been a lot of camping cases that were proven to have appalled many people because of the threat that it brings to people who are ignorant to the reality. With so many people nowadays wanting to go for a short break time, there are also many camping destinations established for security; although certain accidents cannot be prevented. If you are really interested in going though, you should start with those simple stated tips which are guaranteed to help you in a very big way.


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highlight of your life – important event of your life

destination of your tracks – where you want to go

high-tech – advanced technology

worn out – shabby

good results – positive outcomes


English Essay

Significance of Pet Adoption

When you watch dogs on the road wagging their tails happily; barking at you;  and  or cats curling up while staring deep into your eyes, do you think about pet adoption? Watching them and their sad eyes from behind the cages will surely make you feel of soft in the insides. This is what animals have that can easily attract owners.


Choosing to adopt will enable you to save a life. People sometimes really need to make a hard decision 0 in euthanizing animals that are not taken from their cages for quite some time because there are only limited spaces at their shelters. They can be euthanized by intravenous injection. Based on the Human Society of the United States, there are around 2.7 million dogs and cats that are being euthanized every year.  This shows the public that there are an abundance of adoptable animals that are killed to make room for others.  But this can be reduced passionately if more people will opt for pet adoption.

The act of pet adoption is extremely important; especially if the pet you are taking is from a shelter or from a breed rescue group; because it will create a balance in the ecosystem and make better lives not only for those helpless animals but also for those people who choose to be alone with the company of their pets. Moreover, animals in the shelter are already vaccinated which makes your expenses cheaper and real practical compared to buying your pets in animal stores wherein you need to pay for some extra shots. If you stop buying in pet stores, you won’t be supporting their harsh cause anymore and you can also save those puppies that are forced into mills.


As an additional advantage, shelter dogs that are open for pet adoption have never experienced the comfort that most of the store animals have; which is why they can easily adapt to any environment that you put them into.  They just need to be raised in a clean home environment.  Once you adopt them, you are also offering a new opportunity by giving them another chance to experience what life truly is like. They are just like humans. They deserved to be treated rightfully and justly. They do not deserve to be abused or suffer any younger.  Pets can make you feel better. They can put a smile on your face by their own ways. They can give you unconditional love. Once you have a pet at home, you will feel like you have one life to take care and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It will also lessen the feeling of loneliness.

Can’t afford a breeder? You can go online and look for different rescue groups if you are ready to adopt pets; you will have a new best friend who will be forever thankful. Pet adoption is not only life changing for them but as for you as well. After all, you now are a part of the billions of people that get loyalty from their pet animals.


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a trend – fashion

euthanizing animals – killing animals

real practical – useful

additional advantage – added benefit

put a smile on your face – make you smile

English Essay

Beach Clubs To Love

Time is quickly getting over the holidays and Christmas vacation is already over. Summer time is indeed coming! Many people would deeply love to go for a ride and spend the upcoming vacation time within range of the sunset view; the warmth of the hovering rays, breezy gush of cold air, the sound of waters crushing on top of each other; while stalking the beauty that would bring them closer to the new found heavens that can only be attained in exclusive beach clubs.



Most of the time, even though you have been into a lot of beach clubs, you still find yourself walking into one to make more out of your short stay in a resort. This is because you can somehow stay relaxed while sitting in a beach chair, facing the sun and feeling the warmest touch of sunshine on your face as it slowly fades away. There is a sense feel the sense of joyous ecstasy because sometimes you just need to take a break from reality. With the different kinds of clubs you can find in the beach, you will surely take full consideration of those that offer live performance.


Memoirs to Remember

It is always a guarantee that going to the beach clubs will bring you a great time with so many memories to hold on to. In fact, this kind of activity will give you more happy hormones. It can bring out the best in you and sometimes, the child at heart. There are beach clubs that lets you build a sand castle at the beach front or make you take pictures of a setup booth. It is also as a perfect environment for creating min raving experiences. You can sing along with the live music as the bar turns on the romance with Champagne and cold beers at night. You can move from bars to bar joining into a massive dance gala. Sharing these precious moments with the people you love will be the best feeling in the world.


Meeting People

Going to beach clubs is another great way to mingle with new people. By meeting and greeting people of different races, your culture awareness can grow and you will learn something new. Some people, who are really fond of these kinds of club hopping, find the love of their lives with inevitability. It is just a matter of perceiving the ways of one person in a place that makes you feel good. Not only will one be expressive of the ways of other nationalities but one can also come up with promoting stances for the benefits of his or her own area which will be a good thing for tourism.

There is no exact timing for going to beach clubs. You can join the fun of every person that comes and goes to beaches for a little break from life. This is the kind of indulgence that is good for the soul and the mind as well as the body.


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getting over – ending

hovering rays – soaring waves

gush – flow

great time – best moment

inevitability – certainty