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Better yourself using interview in English

Practicing interviews in English is crucial to someone’s lifestyle in a sense that jobs nowadays require personal interviews of even phone interviews that are carried on in English for formality’s sakes. The general public has considered English as the language with class and sophistication. Although, in some countries they retain their culture of their languages by simple talking in them and letting other people adjust with their own dialects. Looking at the other side of possibilities, learning spoken English and applying what is learned in free conversations and interviews in English, a person tends to be more flexible in his work or way of life.


What is an interview in English?

An interview is a question and answer conversation between two people or a group of people with an individual. In the case of spoken English classes offered by companies for online English tutorial, interview in English consists of different categories; from simple to very complex question and answer conversations. This interview in English portion of the spoken English classes was designed to harness the students’ ability to speak with confidence and answer questions correctly. Also, there books handed for the students’ reference. After the interview in English, the teacher being the tutor on the other side of the call will correct and or give advises to their client being the student. This is to make sure that in the second round or in their future use, the client will be satisfyingly answer each question with their own answers knowing that they have been properly informed of what is the right way of doing it.

Examples of these English interviews are the given options in wherein the difficulty is leveled by different class offers. The simplest are the basic interviews then heightened up by school related interview questions and then going up to work related interview questions and lastly to the miscellaneous interview questions. As the names or titles of each interview type, students are allowed to pick from whichever they find their level of familiarity is in. The opinions of the teachers after the classes will be taken into consideration whether the student is already prepared for the next chapter to be tackled in a more difficult manner.


To create a communication of no misunderstanding, both persons involved must know what each of them is trying to convey. Interview in English is a rather hard thing to accomplish in real life wherein job worthy answers are being scanned through by the interviewers. It is not every second of the day that someone will ask a formal question requiring a straightforward and perfect explanation but in factual instances, everyday someone is going to ask questions about things that do not really matter and it may not be a type of interview in English that is mastered in spoken English classes but it is most significant to answer those questions properly. It doesn’t matter how the use of the acquired skill learned in an interview in English is being applied as long as when the time comes for any questions, everybody will be prepared for proper and correct choices of answers.


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carried on- made through

way of life- lifestyle

handed- sent through email or other internetworking applications

second round- next time

to be tackled- to be taken

factual instances- real life situations

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Business English Speaking Lessons – Prepare to conquer the international scene

Businesses nowadays have become internationally connected. Thanks to the technology these days, it is so much easier to connect with different people from all over the world since it takes two to tango in the business world. This is a really good thing with business men as they are able to expand their businesses. Common people are also able to find different jobs from all across the globe. The thing though is the language barrier. Since different nations have different languages, English can only be the bridge. This is why you have to take up Business English Speaking Lessons if you have problems with the language.


Business English Speaking Lessons are able to provide you assistance when it comes to mastering the English language. Communicating effectively with different people from all over the world is important if you are trying to conquer the international scene. Your language skills will be enhanced and polished so when there are real business situations happening, you would know what to say. It would be easier to say what you want to propose on meetings, discussions, negotiations and even on telephone calls and emails. Your English teachers are all good in the language so you can be at ease.

You can easily lead a business meeting with people from different nations if you’re better in English

You can easily lead a business meeting with people from different nations if you’re better in English

If you are someone who wants to work abroad, then you could have guidance on your job interview from these Business English Speaking Lessons. This is the chance to make an impression on your probable employees so it’s very important. If you know how to respond well to every question that they ask, you’d definitely have an edge against your competitors in the position. Your English teachers will prepare you on the job interview that awaits you by asking questions as if it’s the real thing. They will then give you tips and advices on how you can make your answers better. Of course it will also help you learn how to control your feelings in the heat of the moment.


When you are already a career person, these Business English Speaking Lessons could still help you. Even if you don’t own your own company, you could still venture out into new possibilities. And these lessons that you can get on Skype will help you with effective communicating with other people that share the same interest as yours. If you are good in the language, there will be no doubt that you will find yourself in a whole new ball that can give you a great future.


Of course, you could get these Business English Speaking Lessons on English institutions, but since you will be busy with work. Lessons via Skype are more ideal. You can get more advantages with working with proficient and experienced English teachers. They can fit into your schedule and you won’t be the one fitting into theirs. Usually as well, these lessons are more affordable. So you can save money and time while still getting the same great results. Sooner or later, you would be able to speak well with others. Expanding your business or career won’t be a tough job anymore.


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it takes two to tango – means that it needs two or more people to do the job

conquer the international scene – this means that you will expand your career/business in other countries as well

in the heat of the moment ­– being overwhelmed by what is happening

a whole new ball – a new or different situation

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Prepare and pass your TOEFL Speaking Test

If you want to go to an American university or perhaps you want to be a professional and you are not a native English speaker, TOEFL is one of the certificates that you need to get. Going through this test is important for college and for getting professional certifications that are needed for work. Most of the times, English speaking environments such as colleges and companies will require you to go through TOEFL and pass it for a certification. But the TOEFL Speaking Test is not an easy thing to pass. You can’t just walk in their exam center at the drop of a hat and pass it. You have to make sure that you prepare for it so you can get good grades and ultimately get the certification you need.


One of the hardest parts of a TOEFL exam is the TOEFL Speaking Test. Apart from making sure you have a very good understanding in English, you also need to speak clearly. In addition, you need to have a quick mind so you can say what you need to within the time limit they will give you. This is the part of the examination that a lot of people fail. But don’t just sit on the fence and do nothing. If you really need the TOEFL certification, you would have to work hard in order to get it. Using Skype, you can find proficient online teachers to help you get ready for your exam.

You can just log in on your Skype and have your lesson anywhere

You can just log in on your Skype and have your lesson anywhere

Why is it good to get help from teachers for your TOEFL Speaking Test? First of all, you will be guided by someone that is proficient at the language. You would definitely need their guidance to correct you on your grammar or pronunciation. They can also guide you in constructing your thoughts and how to put it into words. But since it’s via Skype and usually just an audio-only class, you will be more focused on making sure you say everything clearly. This is the very essence of a speaking test and therefore you can practice it.


Having guidance is also good as they can help you know what to expect. You wouldn’t be barking up at the wrong tree as they have the necessary reviewers for examinations like this. Of course you will probably need a reference of your own; but it won’t be easy to find. They can help you through the pages of the reviewer and give you an insight how it will be during the test. They can even help you out with polishing your grammar, comprehension and knowledge on idiomatic expression and even with how you deliver your answer.


Working with an experienced online teacher via Skype to help you with your TOEFL Speaking Test is the best thing since sliced bread. They will know where you are weak at and help you get stronger at it. You can even prepare for your examination even if you are just at home. Wherever you are, you could attend your class so each day will be put to good use.


If you need help in preparing for your TOEFL exam, you can visit




at the drop of a hat – this means that you are doing something easily or all of a sudden without thinking about it

sit on the fence – means when someone doesn’t want to make a decision

barking up at the wrong tree – looking in the wrong place

the best thing since sliced bread – a good idea or plan


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Tips about how to write Cover Letter

Tips about how to write cover letter.


1. Keep it short (no longer than three paragraphs) and don’t summarize your  résumé. Clearly and simply state your purpose as to why you are seeking the position.

2. Send your cover letter and résumé as a PDF file. Not every office has .doc(x) or .pages files. But alsmost everybody can open a PDF file without the hassle of converting.


<Sample Cover Letter>

Subject: Summer Internship

Dear Manager Grace Kelly,

My name is Jane Arthur and I am writing to inquire about a possible summer internship at your company. I understand that my request is highly unusual as I am still a college senior. It is my utmost wish to become an investment banker and I would love to learn under your tutelage. I have absolutely no qualms about making copies or coffee. To be perfectly honest, I just want to be around professionals in the banking industry and gain as much knowledge as I can. I’m not going to waste your time embellishing my skills or past experiences. All I can tell you is that I am an honor student, I am determined to learn, and I will word hard for you. I hope you seriously consider taking me under your wing this summer. You may contact me 123-456-7890 or email at Thank you for your time.


Jane Arthur.



take someone under one’s wing: to train and educate someone who is less experienced; to teach and care for someone.

ex) President Sandberg decided to take Sue under her wing to teach her everything about leadership.


tutelage: instruction, teaching, and guidance; support and protection

– synonyms: care, education, auspices, apprenticeship

qualm(n.): discomfort, uneasiness, or shame; remorse or regret

– synonyms: misgiving, doubt, apprehension, contrition

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Comparison of Score Scales of English Tests
Level Test
100 990 200 Level 8 119~120 9
99~95 970~990 190~199 Level 8 115~119 8.5
94~90 950~970 180~189 Level 7 112~115 8.5
89~85 925~950 170~179 Level 7 108~112 8
84~80 890~925 160~169 Level 7 104~108 8
79~75 855~890 150~151 Level 7 99~103 7.5
74~70 810~855 140~141 Level 6 92~99 7.5
69~65 750~810 130~131 Level 6 85~92 7
64~60 665~750 120~121 Level 5 76~85 6.5
59~55 595~665 110~111 Level 5 68~76 6
54~50 515~595 100~109 Level 4 59~68 5.5
49~45 455~515 90~99 Level 4 48~59 5
44~40 410~455 80~89 Level 4 42~48 4.5
39~35 380~410 70~79 Level 3 36~42 4
34~30 355~380 60~69 Level 3 22~36 3.5
29~ 320~355 50~59 Level 2 17~22 3

What English Level Test is more accurate?

There are many tools to gauge your English level. You may need such tools if you want to apply for Universities or jobs at companies in English speaking countries. Since the goals of each test are different from each other, Table 1 above may be not 100% accurate but it is useful for a point of reference. also provides Level Test Service for free before our students go to their regular lessons. This test’s criteria is based on the average of other standardized tests. Don’t be too disappointed if you get a low score from our test. Your speaking score can vary from one day to another just based on factors like mood, time of day, distractions, etc., factors which can even affect your speaking ability in your first language.

Scale of English Level Test at

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Score Scales of English Level Test of 

Give it a try now, English Level Test. Tomorrow will never come.