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English Essay

The Ups and Downs of New Inventions

New inventions have its pros and cons. Not all that are being developed have the best purposes in our lives; most of the worldly things nowadays are only made for the convenience of our lives. However, there are also many new inventions that are very helpful and are really needed for us to surpass the daily challenges that we face every now and then. Many businesses take advantage of the fact that most people find joy in the things that are interesting, new and are trending worldwide. new inventions4 Cons of New Inventions There are things that we need and there are things that we want out of our whims and caprices. No matter how petty some materials are, we obtain them for the sake of social stratification. Because of the developing mind set of people about having so much of everything interrelated to being a person of high quality, we tend to perceive our lives in a manner so earthly that it doesn’t really mean anything more than a useless imaginative idea. New inventions are made for a reason; and the downside of this is that, not all of them are helping us grow in mind and even in body. The convenience that new inventions bring affects the health of our minds and body in a very big way and most of us shun the idea of it just to continue on living easy lives. Most of the first world countries that are very abundant of the new inventions and have people who are capable of buying them have primary debilitating diseases concerning of the lack of movement in their daily activities and or too much exposure to the negative secretion of materials that are newly being set out in the market. new inventions3 In the field of education, new inventions have helped in the learning of the young and old. Many things are now being made available online with the help of the newly invented paraphernalia. Studying is made better and more fun. Many online schools are now being established for learning English and other required stuff to attain better jobs in the future. The sciences are making more new discoveries using new inventions made to furthermore enhance their work. newinventions1 As we see it, new inventions can either make us or break us. It all depends of our actions and choices. Read more blogs on our website and join us in:


from time to time – constantly

surfacing changes – occurring variations

pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages

worldly things – existing materials

trending worldwide – popular around the world

whims and caprices – impulses and urges

connecting people – linking people

make us or break us – help us grow or put us down

English Essay

English and its Contribution to Communication

No one would have gotten anywhere without the help of the communicating with each other. Even in the making of history, communication has played a very crucial role in the lives of the human beings. The languages have been evolving every generation creating a gap in communication; however, with the selection of one that can be used by everybody to communicate, the world has established an easier way of disseminating ideas and information globally. That act has become a big contribution to communication and is still giving off many benefits up until now.


English being the universal language is a very important contribution to communication. It has helped many businesses circling around the world becoming conveniently hassle free and less difficult to understand in terms of their language diversion. Since a country have a numerous count of languages especially in their dialects used for collaborating, it is very much needed to have a single language for everybody to practice on so that when one person travels from one place to another with an unlike way of talking, then it will be easier for them to understand what each of them are talking about.


The media the most influential practice now and as one can observe, almost all, if not actually all, very popular sites speak in English. This is another contribution in communication since with the rapports happening from all over the world; awareness is much more given through the usage of one spoken language that most people have knowledge about. Without a language that could be a backbone to world of communication, everything will fall apart. There will be a very confusing and messy interconnecting mingling with one country to another. Through peace talks, many wars have been stopped and many lives have been saved. Job opportunities have opened up for many people who have the skills and experience of other technicalities with the “add on” of having a good English skills. Examples are the most in demand seats of being a call center agent and online teachers. These jobs need a mastery of the English language because of being in the position of helping someone who is in the other part of the world from you.

Maintaining Close Communication with Field Personnel

Being a strong head for having a large part of the contribution to communication, it is rightfully placed on top of the prioritized curriculum in many countries. The English language is being taught by many academe and also other businesses offering tutorials and or teaching lessons online for this language. Its contribution to communication created a massive demand of teachers coming from every corner of the world to teach those who are not aware of the basic and in depth discussions. Lines have been created to support each other’s cause of educating anyone who has the interest and determination to do so. Friendships and other relationships’ success became possible because of the reality that people can now understand each other even with the diversity of races and nationalities.


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part of the living – part of the humans’ lives

making of history – through time

crucial role – vital part

circling around the world – existing globally

the rapports happening – chaos and or fights

strong head – center; primary contributor

English Essay

Dealing with Learning Disabilities

Healthy individuals are considered to be lucky because of their normal handling of the daily activities and or obligations. It is a wrong perception to see someone who is capable of learning but doesn’t have the interest of doing so as an unfortunate one. People with learning disabilities however need special attention to manage the things that the normal people can do without any hassle. They have to cope up with the ways and techniques in making deeds possible for them to achieve the feeling of sustainment.


We all know that taking care of people with learning disabilities is a very hard responsibility because you have to make them understand what you are both trying to do while mustering all the patience to be as gentle and as thoughtful about their situation. Not everyone has the sympathy for those who were born with such frailties. That is why there are special schools established to assist those families who have someone that has a learning disability. The facilities and personnel of these kinds of schools are prepared and trained, respectively speaking, with the highest standards of skill. The administrators don’t just pick ordinary teachers because dealing with persons with a learning disability is another subject to focus to.

One of the first things that people with learning disabilities need to study is the speaking; thus the application of language training. Language is a very tricky matter; even those who are normal have the difficulty learning this part of the many aspects of knowledge. Trying to convey the message of what the lesson is all about will be a challenge for both the teacher and the student. And because of the adversaries of learning disabilities, the ways and or methods of teaching must vary. There are those people who have a slow pace in terms of understanding and there are those who don’t completely have the attention span of a normal human. The teachers who are should be trained for these kinds of situation must be aggressive their techniques so that there will a high success rate.


Limitations are placed in between those that are normally capable and with those who have learning disabilities. Slight and or drastic changes are made for special students to achieve the goal of them learning despite the debilitating factors affecting their lives. Unlike normal people, people with learning disabilities can’t have the luxury of being taught with the convenience of the modern world. However, advancements are made for the benefits of the said individuals for them to adapt with the constantly changing environment that they are living. There are a variety software that are designed to be an assistance to them. No matter how special the people with learning disabilities may look like, they are still capable of learning; nevertheless, they are not less people compared to the genetically normal human beings. It is only within the way of perceiving the things in front of us that we can truly determine the standards the normal abyss.



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coping up – handling

major alterations – big changes

genetic coding – heredity

frailties – disabilities

respectively speaking – corresponding order of words

language training – studying language

How to Learn English,

Fun way in Learning Spoken English

How do you learn spoken English?

Times ago, before any interconnecting applications were developed and sold out to big social networking companies, people learn spoken English though private lessons; personal face to face rendezvous. Prospective teachers who were known to have an experience in speech sounds are conformed by unfamiliar native nationalities who wanted to learn spoken English for reasons only they can answer. However, that certain method of teaching and relaying spoken English limited the interactions of those who are away in barren lands, closing their doors of new chances for learning spoken English and taking leaps of faith for their own betterment.

As generations passed by, humans began to invent and discover other ways of communication using only a machine and a little help of signaling devices to get coverage from places all over the world. And now, a conversational application that can be downloaded in the internet is used to communicate with other people who are far away from each other- Skype.



What is Skype?

Skype is a software designed to give convenience to all those people who are in need to meet but are unfortunately, are not close enough to actually see each other in person. Yes, there are phone calls, however, Skype gives an option to call someone and see their faces in your wide screened personal computers. And thus, learning spoken English was made easier and more opportune with the use of Skype.

Companies accommodating this kind of business require their teachers or tutors to have a Skype I.D. to be used during spoken English classes. Although, learning spoken English do not necessitate with web cam use, a more private meeting than any other methods. Moreover, administrators can be assured that their clients are being given the worth of their money.


What are the processes in learning spoken English?

Companies providing spoken English classes make websites for clients, the so called students, to search their offers free of stress.  After being contacted by a client, the company will go into the process of giving options for him or her to decide whether what kind of lessons he or she wants for the duration of her booked appointment. A list of tutors or teachers will be also be in sight for the client’s tranquil state of being comfortable in his or her classes. Finally after some time of introduction by the selected tutor, learning spoken English will start until the client’s booking is over. The student, which is the client, and the teacher which is the selected tutor, will both use the Skype software.

Varying companies offering the learning of spoken English have adverse processes in the stage of booking and tutor hiring. But almost always, these businesses are alike only differentiating with the quality of classes and the authenticity of their dealings. That is why it is also very important to select the best companies given by your search engines. Check for their past records and references from previous students and the feedbacks that they are getting.


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To unravel- discover

Face to face rendezvous- personal meetings

Taking leaps of faith- take a risk and grab a chance

As generations passed by- from past to present; as time goes by

Free of stress- not worrisome; tranquil

How to Learn English

How to improve English by English Blogging

Advanced Learning with English Blogging!

The advancement made by the technological era is one of the biggest conveniences that the world has ever given to humanity. Creating a worldwide coverage that connects people of different races in the farthest miles, the internet has become the lifeline of businesses and or personal agenda. Because of this opportunity, the online world is also one of the most sought after medium for self-expression. English blogging, in particular, has an extensive array of ideal content that is useful to the public viewers.


English bloggers have an option to make their writings technical or free styled English blogging. English blogging is helpful for information and or to present details about a certain business, product or person that wants to be publicized for their own benefits. Expression of oneself is also very common in English blogging. There are people who are fond of writing down every single thought that comes into their minds. This is no petty task since a lot of great authors and individuals are now being looked upon because of how and what their essays are all about. English blogging is a healthy and creative way of keeping a clean state of mind and most especially, it is the most feasible method of practicing and being aware of the many changes and technicalities of the English language.


Learning something will be easier if you will be exposed to that focus constantly. A way of keeping contact with the English learning interestingly and without any pressure in hand is to try English blogging. When you are writing and making a way to convey your message to the public, you are also practicing your part of your mind that deals with the language matters. Most times, when the exposure to something is very limited, almost to none, the result will be a loss of the attained knowledge or skill. English blogging will keep your mind busy and is very fun when you yourself are the only one who will make the stories that is not to be critiqued by viewers.


Online business classes not only include teaching spoken English but also written English. English writing lessons are tests to stimulate and apply what you have learned for the teachers and or tutors that are responsible for your gain. Clearer view of the technicalities of grammar and stresses of pronunciation plus the incorporation of the whole idea is much more available with written English. How else can you practice this kind of stuff with convenience and stress free other than engaging to English blogging? Free writing reflects what you have learned and what you are still lacking in terms of the things that are included in your thoughts in addition to the literal writing ability. Be a member of the many blogs that offers this kind of service for English bloggers and try English blogging. Many good feedbacks are heard from those people who are already a member of the bloggers’ community. This is an assurance that indeed, English blogging is an enhancement to everybody.


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renowned diaries – famous accounts

in the farthest miles – long distance

has become the lifeline – made into support

medium for self-expression – way of expressing oneself

petty task – useless job