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English Essay

The Downside of Social Media for Children

The most popular websites that are now circling the internet are the social media web pages. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other pages that connects people with one another are considered to be harmful for kids who are still not in the appropriate age to be dealing with stuff that are posted and or presented in the internet. Not all of the social media for children have the parental guidance and or provided security software that could detect harassing images, verbal posts or videos. And not all the time, the parents can supervise everything that their children are doing. Some adults, especially those who are in early adulthood, are making themselves popular by posting gruesome images that they think are hilarious. Furthermore, a lot of unpleasant and inappropriate comments are being stated in the social media that includes children.



One of the most significant downside of social media for children is the incorporation of sentences by adults and or young teens that are not aware that what they are saying is grammatically wrong and or spelled. Lingual popularity is being very oblivious of the rules of the languages used; most especially the English language. Most people in the social media sites are trying to adapt to what is trending or what is “in” in terms of how the famous or looked upon people talk or do things. It is very much rampant nowadays that people talk like someone who just came out from rapping and with the children viewing that kind of textual abuse, they tend to mimic the act.


Learning English with the foundation of school is very important; however, the social media sites for children are causing a ruckus and a nuisance because of their being influence to the common mind-set of the rules that are applied by the proper statements. At a young age, these children still have a long way to go and have fresh neurons to be enhanced that is why it is important that a good foundation for what is taught to them is established meticulously. The effect that the social media sites for children are fossilizing in the inquisitive minds of the little ones is a danger to the formal use of their common sense.

social media2

There are many online English classes also available in the internet. As a parent of a kid in this kind of technological era, one must know how to provide his or her child the right things. The right exposure of things concerning the learning of a child is crucial at this point. Parents must be very aware what the social media sites for children can do to the innocence minds. Even though the web pages look very childlike and safe, one can never be sure of what it might bring to the child’s awareness. Online English classes is one of the safe online site that your child can socialize and have the right set up for learning English and other stuff given by the lesson of every class that a parent avails for his or her child.


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pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages

circling the internet – available online

parental guidance – parent’s supervision

harassing images – troublesome pictures

downside of social media – bad effect of social media

Lingual popularity – famous statements

In – trending

textual abuse – misuse of words

English Essay, How to Learn English

Philosophy of Learning

Understanding the Philosophy of Learning

When you are still a small kid, you often think about the things that you see and hear. Observing the people and the events that are happening around you seems very fascinating because those are all new experiences that you have witnessed. The action of taking in everything and making imaginary ideas about them is a way to accumulate the philosophy of learning. Learning everything at once is impossible; even for those known geniuses in the old days. The philosophy of learning is to constantly discover new stuff and retain the old knowledge incorporating them with the new ones.



Applying the Philosophy of Learning

A formal education is not the only way to always know new details. The world is constantly changing and thus, to adapt, people must search for new and better ways to discover more and more about how a lot of new inventions and developments work. To acclimate oneself with the philosophy of learning is to apply the idea that only if there is no more curiosity and imagination left is when learning also ends. Simple techniques for understanding more about the society and the news progression are now being made possible by gadgets that are conveniently made my business companies who looked through the opportunities and apply their own philosophy of learning and making things out of it. Even before the new technological era came in, simple book bounds and or newspaper articles are being handed to the public to gain access on whatever is to look forward to.


Nowadays, pushing through the philosophy of learning is being conveniently established with the modern gadgets and developments made by great mind who have earned their gold trophies by applying what they have learned throughout their lifetime. The internet, being the most advanced invention in the present generation, can give coverage to people all around the world. This makes learning easier and more fun to deal with. Taking this as a new opportunity to make a profit, many companies are building online foundations for classes of different kinds. An example is the online English tutorials for those who want to know more about the language. Websites designed to support this cause are now on traffic to compete as the best among all others.



The philosophy of learning is an insight of taking a step by step method every day to prove to the world that despite the age, race, gender and era, educating oneself is an unending fight. The universe has a lot more to offer. In fact, even by the time that we all decay, there are still more and more ideas that will be made real by the future minds that will dominate the world. Creation is the reason why human are above the level of being the stewards of the earth despite the instinct that was equally given.

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retain the old- keep the old

constantly changing- always shifting

To acclimate oneself- to be familiar

technological era- time of the advancement of technology

pushing through- making possible

How to Learn English

Learning English through Art

Art comes in many different forms; may it be in words or in pictures as long as it is an expression of one’s self. To communicate with other people using the theme of artistic gestures is something that a higher standard of intellectual individual has. But, this could be attained by all people by constantly being aware and in focus with the critical rules pointing to the emphasis of the artist’s point of view. Leaning English through art is a developing journey for most of the people. There is an indefinite flow of opinions when it comes to attaining the true meaning of an expression; however, learning English through art comprehensively stimulates a deeper level of focus.




Many foreign artists are known in the past eras; thus there was a need to speak the language that they are in to be able to analyze what message they want to convey to their audience. A lot of people are now learning English through art because the expression given in the classical arts is in the said language. Music, being an example of art is a very popular theme, and of course, most of the lyrics are in English. This leads to another method of learning English through art. To be able to conceptualize the concept of the whole song, one must need to understand not only the words but the connecting alphabetical characters that are being formed to make an in depth sense of creativity.

Classes concerning the English language also use art for better materials. Improvising a better more interesting way of teaching is a very big deal when the teacher wants to really make his or her student learn. Learning English through art is now very common because of the perception that art is most convincing in giving off a simpler meaning of things. If words are not enough to make someone understand the meaning of a sentence, then the teacher must create something out of the pictures and many songs that are revolving in the sense of the present generation.


Online websites for English tutorial offer many kinds of paraphernalia to enhance their student’s view of the language. These classes have made an opportunity of creating a whole new level of knowledge emphasis with the learning of English through art. Most online classes link their own websites with the web pages that is composed of a variety of images that are either captioned and or abstractly made. Keeping this kind of technique in mind helps the business companies gather more viewers. This is solely because, nowadays, people prefer captioned images and or artistic designs for gathering more information about what is happening and what is the most popular trends that is globally being flagged in the media. This is also why the media plays a big role in influencing the lives of many. The portrayal of a certain event is given through the expression or creative art.


As complicated and or simple as it might seem, learning English through art has established the rightful passage of being considered as a great method for the kind of knowledge that one in interested in knowing. People can clearly conceptualize everything with the use of the art. There is more to it that just an expression; rather it is a way of life.


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ideal way – best method

artistic gestures – motions made creatively

higher standard – advanced custom

developing journey – constantly progressing

connecting alphabetical characters – words and sentences

English Essay, How to Learn English,

Improve Your English! Expand Your Knowledge!

Improve Your English with English Online Classes!

Learning the basics in any language is easy to achieve. However, as you go deeper into the complicated parts, it will be a challenge for most people. It is not just difficult to be good at something you are compelled to learn, it is more of a sweat generating task that will put you down until you are almost ready to give up. Improvements are ways organized to develop the potential that a person has. English is a language of many rules, exceptions and the likes. Expanding your own vocabulary in English will take years since there will always be alterations to the rules and more added words every time someone thinks of something that could be put up in the dictionary for everyone to use. Improving your English can be done in many ways even with the use of the internet since online English classes are now created to improve your English.


Nowadays, many people are looking for methods on how to improve their English. The most practical way and easiest, for those who are not in a rush to in learning more about the dos and don’ts is reading books; or any kind of sheet that has writing in it. Improving your English is being familiar with other people’s way of writing and how they try to express themselves without sounding very strange. Although, when you try to elaborate on poems, you will find confusing inferences. On the other hand, for those who want to be aware of the technicality of the language, improving English is being made easy by opportunity seeking businessmen.


Speak Up

Many people are investing in making online networking companies which will give a full on chance to customers that will also give back by addressing their offers. Online English tutorial companies are now making a name in the industry of education. Many opportunities are being upheld with the works of these companies because, for one, it will make a convenient approach to those people who want to learn a proper English lesson without bothering their day to day schedule. Also, it gives jobs to unemployed persons who have the ability to teach and is very capable in handling these kinds of tasks. Improving your English is now available in just a few clanking sounds in your keyboards.


After being familiarized with Basic English, you are ready to move on with your lessons and tackle more challenging knowledge providing classes that are being offered by online tutorial companies. An example of this is the Live English Class ( which is the best online tutorial website and institution for students who are very eager to improve their English. Categorized lists of classes are shown in their website page, explaining every detail of how the admission works. There are also informative reviews to gather the clients’ interests. The Live English Class guarantees a high assurance for their customers’ English proficiency improvements. To view their website, just go to


There is more to English than what is being taught by schools. Improving your English is one of the many steps you can do to heighten up your experience as a citizen, a worker and a good fellowman.

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refer to- address

go deeper- analyze further

sweat generating task- difficult job, strenuous  work

put you down- lower your self esteem

dos and don’ts- right and wrong ways

full on chance- big opportunity

English Essay

Pregnancy: life upon conception

There Two Sides of the Story
Being pregnant is not just about having a baby for the whole nine month period. It is also not just about the baby. Pregnancy has more to it than the monthly check ups or the high dosage vitamin intake. It is also about the different stories of women and children; the emotions of distress and happiness. Most of all, it is a journey that begins with a simple acceptance of how life is and will be when a woman decides to let her heart beat altogether with another human life.


The Baby
When a sperm cell meets and greets a fertilized egg cell, it is then that a baby is formed. Every week it grows and grows, from an unnoticeable pea to a full blown fetus. The three stages of the baby’s development will define its health status for the rest of its life. If not properly taken care of by its carrier, then it’ll grow uncontrollably defected. However, if it is nourished with the right amount of love then it’ll be born with loud heart thumping cry which is considered as a healthy lung.
As the little riot comes out from its mother’s womb, the first days will be the search for heat and nourishment. All of these are pure science because no one really knows what a child first thinks or feels upon arrival to this big happy horrid world.


The Mother
A pregnant woman is not someone you want to tackle a fight with. Having another life forming inside a womb is more than an overwhelming experience. When someone becomes a first time mom, a stir of unknown emotions explodes deep within and creates an atmosphere of panic. Science doesn’t hold an explanation of how feelings collide when a woman starts to care and nurture another person whom she haven’t even have an inkling of idea with what she or he is like. The connection of a mother to her child is a deep bond of unbreakable hypnotic feels. The first kick, the first heartbeat, the first sight; they are all the great joys of a mother. There is nothing more bizarre than knowing that you have the power to create and hold a new life within your own body. That ineffable feeling of stepping into the crust of motherhood is a step so big; it changes a woman for her entire life.
However, in an unfortunate matter, not everyone is fit in becoming a mother. Some women choose to abandon the responsibility of consequential actions and make horrendous deeds just to get rid of an unborn child. The saddest part of not wanting something that you have been irresponsibly fidgeting about in the first place is the fact that you have to live with what your choices are forever and it’ll ruin your outlook in the perception of how great an opportunity might be once you are in the verge of saying yes to it.


Women who decide to not go through with their pregnancy are not considered as bad mothers. In fact they aren’t considered as mothers at all because no mother in her right mind would want to hurt her child for selfish reasons. Pregnancy is a line you need to think about very carefully before crossing over. Once a woman decides to get pregnant, it is her sole obligation to stand for that choice no matter the circumstances may be in the future of her bearing.
Pregnancy is a difficult task for both woman and child. One mistake and it’ll lead to both their risks. It is not only a scientific cycle of life producing another life; rather it is a story of the everyday struggle of two souls fighting for one goal-life.


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an unnoticeable pea- very small

little riot- squirming baby

an inkling of idea- even a slightest idea

unbreakable hypnotic feels- deep feeling or emotions

horrendous deeds- very bad actions