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The ways to have a healthy lifestyle

What are the ways to have a healthy lifestyle?

These days, a lot of people are increasingly aware of their own health but seems not to have the strength to change it. We often daydream about having a healthier body. And with the unrealistic images of celebrities and models, more and more people are wishing to have their idol’s body. The only thing that keeps us from our goal is discipline. The majority of us lack it. If we ever want to achieve something, hard work and discipline is the name of the game. It’s really hard to fit the right workouts on our busy schedule. Or perhaps it’s tough to stay away from those oh-so-yummy-fast-foods. But here are some advices that could hopefully help all of us.


The first and most important thing of all is to set a goal and stick with it. The first part is easy. The latter? Well, it’s easier said than done. It takes more than time management; it will take all your will and determination to stay focused on your goal. If you are having difficulty on that, try to recite a mantra. It would work best if this is about the biggest advantage that you will get from the goal you have set. For example, you want to be healthier and fit so you can fit on the dress you’re going to wear on a first date. You can chant about fitting on that dress again and again. Reminding yourself of the effect of your cause can be a great motivation.



– Eating healthy can definitely help you with your goal.


After setting the goal, it’s time for you to work on it. Focus on your eating habits. There are a lot of big no-no’s in the health regime. Sodas, fast-food and processed foods are the biggest of all. As much as you can, avoid all those rather tasty but seriously fattening and unhealthy foods. You can call your dietician or research about substitute snacks that you can pig out on. Then you should also avoid those late night trips to the fridge. The ideal time to eat is 6:30 – 7:00 pm. It’s a lot better not to eat after those hours. But if you do need something to eat, you can choose from the healthy snacks that your dietician referred.


– Discipline yourself from having a late night snack.


Then proceed to your workout regime. If you have a bike on your garage, now’s the time to use it. It won’t only help you be fit and healthy; you can also save with transport fares. Plus, you won’t get stuck in traffic. So it will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Those old treadmills and weights can offer you help as well so take these out and begin working on toning and shaping your figure. Of course it could be better with professional aid.


– Finding a buddy to workout with can keep you going longer.


If you have a friend with the same problem as yours or is willing to help you out, the better it would be. Having someone to support you can definitely change the way things will work out. There’d be someone that would be reminding you of your goals and surely enough, jogging on the park alone can be pretty lonely at times.


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name of the game – the main things in a situation or problem

it’s easier said than done – this is often said when something seems easy but is actually hard to do

pig out on – this means being able to feast on something

hitting two birds with one stone – this expression is used when one thing can solve two or more problems

English Essay

Stressed out? Relieve yourself starting today!

Stress is one of the things that are common to almost all people. People tend to get stressed out about a lot of things. Sometimes even children stress about their school projects or bullies at school. When you are a student especially in secondary and tertiary levels, you feel the stress of school works. When you’re a grown up, you stress about family and work. Usually the reason is that they can’t stand the pace of life. There are a lot of things that have to be done and it seems like there’s only a little thing to do. But stress leads to worse problems especially concerning the health. So here are some helpful tips to help you relieve it and live healthier.


Stress starts from the mind and ends with the body. So first of all, you have to relax your mind. Then you can deal with your body later. The most effective way of relaxing and healing your mind is through meditation. It would only take 15-30 minutes so you can do it every day. Make it a part of your lifestyle. This can most likely give you a new lease of life. All you have to do is close your eyes every morning or whenever you want. Focus on your breathing and clear your head of thoughts. You can even use music to help you. You can imagine yourself someplace that makes you feel calm and at peace.


It’s also a good thing to have an outlet of all the frustrations and anxiety you feel. If you have a trusted friend or even your own family, you can tell them what’s going on; what you are afraid of and what you are thinking. You can even approach a counselor or a clergy for you can be sure that they will listen. You don’t need to have kittens on your own. You can find people that can assist you. After all, it’s better to have someone that you can talk to. But if ever you don’t really want to talk about it, you can write about it. Buy your own diary or journal and write on it. You can write about anything; especially what’s going on with your day. You will know soon how much stress you have and the solution can even provide itself.


Now it’s time to turn to your body. You can most definitely beat of stress by trying to live a healthy life. They say that the body and mind is connected so being in the pink of health can also help in having a healthy and peaceful mind. You can start with a good and regular diet as well as exercise. Some exercises include yoga and tai chi. Or you can even go with martial arts if you want.


After a hard day’s work, chill out and play. No one is too old for such kind of things. And when you are not busy, do something that you really enjoy. It would keep your mind away from the things that stress you out.




can’t stand the pace – means you are unable to do something because there is a lot of pressure

new lease of life – this is used to express someone that would have a chance of living longer or with greater happiness and satisfaction

have kittens – this is a dramatic way of expressing having problems, fear or anxiety

in the pink of health – means to be in perfect physical condition

chill out – to do something that helps you relax after a long period of working or nervous tension