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English Expressions

Where to hit the world! – Great places to travel to

Are you having itchy feet? Well the world is vast and there are a lot of places that could definitely satisfy your thirst for traveling. You could go alone or with your family or friends. You can choose from widely famous landmarks and cities or you can also go to undiscovered destinations. The latter is very much appropriate for those people that are really adventurous and wish for new sites to behold. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty are great places too, but if you’re looking for something new, behold indeed because here are some great places to travel to.


If you are a beach person, you’d definitely fall head over heels with Seychelles. This is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. With 115 islands, this place is perfect for couples or families that are traveling together. You will be mesmerized by heaven-like beaches where you can have romantic picnics or fun activities like games with friends and families. There are also terrific marine life awaiting you when you go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are spots where few divers have gone before so even experienced divers can find something they haven’t seen before. It would definitely feel like you have moved to a different world.



If you’re the one who loves to watch movies and wishes to relive the moments in your favorite flicks, you can visit some of the famous places that are real settings from famous flicks. For example Tokyo, Japan isn’t just about shopping districts and Disneyland anymore. You can dine in Gonpachi restaurant and see where Uma Thurman fought in Kill Bill. Or if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, hit the road to Queenstown, New Zealand where they shot most of the film and where you’ll get to see the hobbits’ village.


However if you want a place to escape stress and relax for a while, you can visit Cape Town, South Africa. Spend the time in Table Bay while looking at the silhouette of the magnificent Table Mountain. Its mesmerizing beauty will fill you with contentment and of course, it’s just picture perfect. If you really wish for peace and quiet, then the place for you is Patagonia located in the intersections of Argentina and Chile. You’ll definitely be at a loss for words when you arrive there. The sky is mostly blue and the nature surrounding you will take your stress away.


These are just a few of the places that you could travel to when you’re getting tired of all the main-stream vacation spots. Besides familiar and popular tourist destinations in certain countries, there are more undiscovered places that exactly match the beauty of its superiors. You don’t always have to go with the ordinary. Sometimes, you also have to let your inner adventurer come out and walk off the beaten path then you’ll be surprised at how many things, places, culture and people you can find. You will never know what awaits you if you don’t take a step towards it so start the journey now.


Of course effective English skill is needed when travelling. Here’s how to learn it:




itchy feet – a strong desire to travel

fall head over heels – be really in love

hit the road – set out on a journey

be at loss for words – unable to speak because of too much surprise or awe

main-stream – very usual; common

off the beaten path – unknown or not popular with many people

How to Learn English

How important is learning English speaking?

Only now in the era of mass communication has a universal language been more significant. These days, it’s much easier to travel and talk to people from different nations. It’s so much easier to connect to anyone from around the world. And it has also been very possible to extend businesses and other ventures internationally. But with numerous native tongues, it’s important to find that one language anyone can understand. And that has been English. So if you’re still not convinced that English can help you come hell or high water; here are some things you should know about learning English speaking.


Language barrier is a tough obstacle to surpass. If you are not acquainted with the native tongue of a country, it’s impossible to connect with the people there. You can’t just go there and cross your fingers that they will understand you completely and easily. And sometimes, not taking the risks in other countries won’t do you any good especially with business and jobs. So, learning English speaking is a way of breaking through that barrier. English is an actual universal language that many people understands and speaks. If you want to join in a global workforce, learning the language will give you an advantage that you can feel every day.

Working with people around the world is easier through better English communication skills.

Working with people around the world is easier through better English communication skills.

Travel is also one of the main reasons why it’s important to be learning English speaking. Even when you don’t have any important issues with the people of a certain place and you just want to take a vacation, English will still be a great part of that. Tourists are often greeted and talked to in English. Apart from the official language of the place, they will also have instructions and signs in English for foreigners visiting them. If that place is familiar with your language or perhaps some people are or vice versa, then you are in luck. However that is most unlikely to happen.


A lot of the information that we can get on the internet is also in English. Even with the pop culture, this is the most prevalent language that is used. Knowing English not only with just learning English speaking but also with listening, reading and writing can definitely help with these areas. For example you are interested in movies and songs; it’s much easier to understand what is being said. Of course gathering information is also important in gaining knowledge. And as English is the main language for the internet and reference books, it would be easier to obtain such information.


It could be time consuming to learning English speaking. But it would really be an advantage especially if you learned from great teachers. It’s possible to find online English classes these days. There are classes that could be obtained through Skype that are handled by different professional and experienced English teachers. There are various offered courses depending on the level and the need of the student. The teachers will assure that their expectations and requirements will be met guaranteeing improved skill in English for the student in the future.


You can visit to learn more about the benefits of learning English through Skype.




come hell or high water – no matter what happens; even tough and hard situations

cross your fingers – hope that something happens the way you want it to

vice versa – the other way around

prevalent – common; usual