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Business English Speaking Lessons – Prepare to conquer the international scene

Businesses nowadays have become internationally connected. Thanks to the technology these days, it is so much easier to connect with different people from all over the world since it takes two to tango in the business world. This is a really good thing with business men as they are able to expand their businesses. Common people are also able to find different jobs from all across the globe. The thing though is the language barrier. Since different nations have different languages, English can only be the bridge. This is why you have to take up Business English Speaking Lessons if you have problems with the language.


Business English Speaking Lessons are able to provide you assistance when it comes to mastering the English language. Communicating effectively with different people from all over the world is important if you are trying to conquer the international scene. Your language skills will be enhanced and polished so when there are real business situations happening, you would know what to say. It would be easier to say what you want to propose on meetings, discussions, negotiations and even on telephone calls and emails. Your English teachers are all good in the language so you can be at ease.

You can easily lead a business meeting with people from different nations if you’re better in English

You can easily lead a business meeting with people from different nations if you’re better in English

If you are someone who wants to work abroad, then you could have guidance on your job interview from these Business English Speaking Lessons. This is the chance to make an impression on your probable employees so it’s very important. If you know how to respond well to every question that they ask, you’d definitely have an edge against your competitors in the position. Your English teachers will prepare you on the job interview that awaits you by asking questions as if it’s the real thing. They will then give you tips and advices on how you can make your answers better. Of course it will also help you learn how to control your feelings in the heat of the moment.


When you are already a career person, these Business English Speaking Lessons could still help you. Even if you don’t own your own company, you could still venture out into new possibilities. And these lessons that you can get on Skype will help you with effective communicating with other people that share the same interest as yours. If you are good in the language, there will be no doubt that you will find yourself in a whole new ball that can give you a great future.


Of course, you could get these Business English Speaking Lessons on English institutions, but since you will be busy with work. Lessons via Skype are more ideal. You can get more advantages with working with proficient and experienced English teachers. They can fit into your schedule and you won’t be the one fitting into theirs. Usually as well, these lessons are more affordable. So you can save money and time while still getting the same great results. Sooner or later, you would be able to speak well with others. Expanding your business or career won’t be a tough job anymore.


If you want to be better in English for your business, visit




it takes two to tango – means that it needs two or more people to do the job

conquer the international scene – this means that you will expand your career/business in other countries as well

in the heat of the moment ­– being overwhelmed by what is happening

a whole new ball – a new or different situation

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Prepare and pass your TOEFL Speaking Test

If you want to go to an American university or perhaps you want to be a professional and you are not a native English speaker, TOEFL is one of the certificates that you need to get. Going through this test is important for college and for getting professional certifications that are needed for work. Most of the times, English speaking environments such as colleges and companies will require you to go through TOEFL and pass it for a certification. But the TOEFL Speaking Test is not an easy thing to pass. You can’t just walk in their exam center at the drop of a hat and pass it. You have to make sure that you prepare for it so you can get good grades and ultimately get the certification you need.


One of the hardest parts of a TOEFL exam is the TOEFL Speaking Test. Apart from making sure you have a very good understanding in English, you also need to speak clearly. In addition, you need to have a quick mind so you can say what you need to within the time limit they will give you. This is the part of the examination that a lot of people fail. But don’t just sit on the fence and do nothing. If you really need the TOEFL certification, you would have to work hard in order to get it. Using Skype, you can find proficient online teachers to help you get ready for your exam.

You can just log in on your Skype and have your lesson anywhere

You can just log in on your Skype and have your lesson anywhere

Why is it good to get help from teachers for your TOEFL Speaking Test? First of all, you will be guided by someone that is proficient at the language. You would definitely need their guidance to correct you on your grammar or pronunciation. They can also guide you in constructing your thoughts and how to put it into words. But since it’s via Skype and usually just an audio-only class, you will be more focused on making sure you say everything clearly. This is the very essence of a speaking test and therefore you can practice it.


Having guidance is also good as they can help you know what to expect. You wouldn’t be barking up at the wrong tree as they have the necessary reviewers for examinations like this. Of course you will probably need a reference of your own; but it won’t be easy to find. They can help you through the pages of the reviewer and give you an insight how it will be during the test. They can even help you out with polishing your grammar, comprehension and knowledge on idiomatic expression and even with how you deliver your answer.


Working with an experienced online teacher via Skype to help you with your TOEFL Speaking Test is the best thing since sliced bread. They will know where you are weak at and help you get stronger at it. You can even prepare for your examination even if you are just at home. Wherever you are, you could attend your class so each day will be put to good use.


If you need help in preparing for your TOEFL exam, you can visit




at the drop of a hat – this means that you are doing something easily or all of a sudden without thinking about it

sit on the fence – means when someone doesn’t want to make a decision

barking up at the wrong tree – looking in the wrong place

the best thing since sliced bread – a good idea or plan


How to Learn English,

English courses by Skype – What courses can you take?

Skype is not just a tool for communicating to friends, families and lovers all over the world. It’s now also a way to learn. Nowadays, Skype is used to learn a lot of different things; from learning how to speak a certain language to learning how to play a musical instrument. So if you want to find English courses by Skype, you definitely can. You could find different courses in English that can help you with whatever endeavor you may have. If you find the course that can aid you, don’t miss the boat and get it when you can.


One of the English courses by Skype you can find is the English Conversation course. This is very effective if you want to improve your conversation skills. You can definitely stay on the ball when you are talking to others in English. You could even keep track of what native English speakers can say and reply back in the same manner. This English Conversation course will include various English expressions that you can use when speaking to others. Of course your English skill level will have to be evaluated first through a test. This is important to know so that your teachers will know what to teach you.


English Courses by Skype

Talking by phone is more efficient to improve your English than face-to-face.



Another course that you can take up is the Business English course. And when you are in a business, you would rather be busy. So English courses by Skype is a great solution for you. But why is it necessary to spend the money you earned on your business to learn English? Just as the course suggests, it could be a great advantage for you and your business. You can expand it internationally with the technology these days. And since it’s an international venture, you definitely would need to learn English so both parties could see eye to eye. You can learn English for real business situations including phone calls, emails, negotiations and discussion. A good way of talking to others can also guarantee your business a step towards success.


The next one is the Exam-preparation Course. This is what you need when you want to pass your TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS examination. This course will be exactly what you need in order to get ready for the examination ahead of you. Your professional online teacher will help you out and guide you through a series of speaking examination examples. It would be like taking the exams but without the pressure. When you do take the exams, you will find that it will be a piece of cake for you.


We can offer you these English courses by Skype. You will be getting a fun but effective class on any of the English course you have booked in. If you entered a class good in English, you can definitely finish it a lot better than in the past. So, stop beating around the bush and sign up on a course that you need.


If you want to learn more and sign up in an English course, visit




miss the boat – means to miss an opportunity

on the ball – it is used when someone is understands the situation well

keep track – monitor things as they happen

see eye to eye – this is used when two or more people agree on something

piece of cake – something that can be done easily

beating around the bush – avoiding the subject or thing

What is the benefit of taking English lessons by Skype?

Learning English and becoming proficient at it has a lot of advantages. When you are good with speaking and understanding English, you are a far cry from people that don’t. Of course you should not be too proud of yourself and boast about it. But it is really true that you could be able to communicate with more people and this is really important especially with regards to work. Sometimes, we have to work with people from different nations; and since we don’t understand their native tongue, English will definitely help in communication. But why learn English lessons by Skype?

English Lesson by Skype

LiveEnglishClass is providing 1-to-1 English Lesson by Skype

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people that aren’t good in English. Although some institutions offer English classes or even have these classes as a prerequisite, the results aren’t as good always. This is where English lessons by Skype enter. This is an audio-only class so you wouldn’t have an idea about the body language of your teacher. This is actually a very important advantage as you could focus on the voice only of your teacher. If you have no idea what your teacher’s body language is, you will have to do your best to understand everything they are saying through their voice. You can both only rely on your voices so you have to assure that your speaking is very accurate.


Another thing that is good with English lessons by Skype is that you can have the lessons wherever you are. Even if you are on a vacation or even if you are feeling a bit under the weather and prefer to stay at home, you could attend your English lessons. If you are able to attend every class on your course, then you could have more chance of becoming better with the language. Convenience is definitely the best advantage you can get from this.


And since you can stay at home or wherever you are at the moment when taking these English classes, it would mean that you can also save time. You don’t have to travel for a few minutes to an hour just to go to your school. You can have that extra time to do whatever you need to do. In addition, you don’t have to waste your time and effort to dress and look respectable. All you would need is your manners and willingness to learn as you can attend these classes while still on the dress you wore when you hit the sack the other night.


Of course it’s important to find English lessons by Skype that will not cost an arm or a leg. can offer you the lowest price so you can have more opportunity of learning English. What is more is that you can learn from experienced online English teachers that follow a structured English lesson plan. Imagine all of that with an affordable price; who wouldn’t be encourage doing his or her best? Sooner or later, you can definitely hit the nail in the head and be so much better in English.


To help you learn and be better in English, you can visit and find the best course for you.




far cry from – means very different from others

prerequisite – requirement

feeling a bit under the weather – not feeling good; feeling a bit ill

hit the sack – means to go to bed

cost an arm or a leg – means very expensive

hit the nail in the head – to do or say something exactly right

Know your English skill through Free English Level Test

There are probably a lot of people that are wondering how good their English is. Knowing how good you are in the language could determine how much you have to spend burning the midnight oil to make it better or if you could pass tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. You could be able to get an idea about your English speaking skills through the help of the Free English Level Test of It is the English speaking test that an online English teacher evaluates while talking with you 1-to-1. After having the test, you will know what the best next steps you should take are.


Apart from knowing how proficient you are in the English language, this test can also help you know what English class you should be in. If you are not yet that good in English, you could jump the bandwagon and be in an English class. Not only will you be great in the language but soon enough you can take the tests that are mentioned earlier or any Cambridge certificates. The Free English Level Test could provide you all of those advantages so taking it will be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Free English Level Test

You can get the result of your English Speaking Level Test

You can know your English skill with the Free English Level Test that will be given by proficient English teachers over Skype.  They will evaluate your speaking ability, comprehension skills as well as your grammar. They use evaluation methodology that follows international standards to assure that they could assess your English skills well. Taking this is very much a great advantage if you are preparing yourself to take examinations for Cambridge certificates.


The Free English Level Test will be able to scientifically show you what level you are by going through five areas: comprehension/listening, speaking/fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Based on your score, they can evaluate you as Beginner, Intermediate, Advance or Native.


This Free English Level Test is done via Skype. If you wish to take classes, you could also have it in real time. This is really good as they could guide you through the whole nine yards of what you have to know to improve your English. Soon enough you could be good in English and be able to get the advantages that it offers you. But most of all, you could definitely prepare yourself and gain confidence to pass examinations that you need or wish for.


Teachers will be able to gauge your English skill through asking you about some topics. This will help them know what is needed to be done to you after you take the test. If you decide on going with an English class online via Skype with the same teachers that assessed you, they will know what level you are and what they should teach you. You don’t have to worry as this is not an exam and this will be done in a friendly atmosphere to let you enjoy learning the language. All you have to do is answer with what you can to let them know how proficient you are in English.


If you want to learn how good you are in English, you can visit




burning the midnight oil – working on something up until late at night

jump the bandwagon – joining something that is in trend at the moment

hitting two birds with one stone – getting two or more benefits with just one work

the whole nine yards – this means everything