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February 2014

How to Learn English

How to improve English pronunciation – The key to your quest on perfecting English

Learning English is an important thing. Communicating with people from different countries with their own native tongue is possible through English. There are many people in the world that find the language a piece of cake. The thing however is that some of them are not as good with pronunciation as others. This is a problem as many people won’t be able to understand them if they converse with them. So, how to improve English pronunciation?


This is the common question that a lot of people ask. So, here are a few tips that can help you that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to know how to improve English pronunciation, you should start first by learning the IPA or the International Phonetic Alphabet. This is the collection of symbols that represent various sounds for the language. Usually, you could see this on dictionaries and are on the parenthesis following the word. If you are familiar with your IPA, you could follow how the word is said and you can say it correctly much easier.

These symbols can help you pronounce English words correctly.

These symbols can help you pronounce English words correctly.

In addition, listen very well to native English speakers. You should pay attention on how they make every sound for every word. Try to know how they put the intonations and stress for the syllabication of each word. Even by watching English films or TV series, you could learn slowly how to improve English pronunciation. You can then read magazines and books aloud. As much as possible, you should do this every day with someone to check your pronunciation. If you have difficulty with a word, you should ask someone that is proficient with English and repeat the word after them slowly until you get it right.


Facing the mirror when you speak is also a good practice. The key to perfect pronunciation is with the opening of the mouth. There will be a great difference with the way you say a word if you open your mouth properly. The placement of the tongue is also important especially with L and R sounds. Focus on that and try to do it daily. As what they say, practice makes perfect. This is the same with learning how to improve English pronunciation.


Whenever you can, you should also start conversing with others in English. This will be really good if you are talking with someone that is good with the language. They can tell you what words are not really understandable. They can then teach you how to say it properly. Not only will you learn how to improve English with them, you can also feel comfortable with the language through this. Every cloud has a silver lining so you’ll definitely know how to improve English pronunciation sooner with their help.


And this is how important having someone who knows teach you and guide you. Having a tutor by your side is really important on how to improve English pronunciation. You could get classes online via Skype and learn English with tutors that are proficient on the language. They’d be able to teach you the correct way to say something and guide you through all throughout your quest on perfecting your English; may it be writing or speaking.


You could be able to find some great teachers to help you improve your English in



a piece of cake – something that you find very easy to do

native tongue – the first language someone is able to understand and speak

cost your arm and leg – it means something that is very expensive

proficient – expert at something

every cloud has a silver lining – being optimistic or thinking about positive things. Even the bad days will lead to better days.

How can you forward your Skype call to your phone?

Hello Students?  How are your English classes going on?

LiveEnglishClass provides its English lessons by Skype. The reason why we chose Skype as our communication tool is because our students can have the English lessons at the cheapest prices with free telecommunication. This gives more opportunities to our students to practice English and therefore contribute to improving their English more rapidly.

Sometimes you may not be able to be at your computer for your class and therefore may not be reachable by Skype. Don’t worry. You can also receive a Skype call with your landline or mobile phone using the Skype call forwarding function.  Refer to the followings and choose the option available to you.

1. Install Skype app on your smart phone

If you have a smart phone accessible to the internet, you can install Skype app on your phone. You can get a Skype call with your smart phone if your phone is connected to the internet through Wifi. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet by Wifi since if you are connected to the internet through 3G or 4G (LTE), you may experience disconnection many times. 

2. Skype Call forwarding to your mobile or landline phone

You can also set your Skype to forward a call to your mobile or landline phone number. Follow the instruction below for this.

(You need to have Skype credit to use this and its prices vary depending on where you are. Please use this only when you are not available by Skype to save your money)

1) Skype Credit
you need to have Skype credit to use the function of [Call forwarding].
You can buy it at The rates for this service are various depending on which country you live in.

※ Note: Skype is the service of Microsoft and has no business relationship with Skype.

2) Setting Skype Options
Select [Tools > Options] from the Skype menu after log on to Skype.

Skype call forwarding

3) Setting Skype Calls
Select [Calls] tab from the left window of the Skype option window.

Skype call forwarding

4)  Setting Skype Call forwarding options
Select [Call forwarding] tab from the left window(No. 1), Click [Call forwarding options](No. 2).

Skype call forwarding

5)  Submit your phone number
Enter your phone number (No. 1) and click [Save] button.
Now you can receive a Skype call from your teacher by your phone. Remember that this function works only when you have Skype Credit.

Skype call forwarding