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Comparison of Score Scales of English Tests
Level Test
100 990 200 Level 8 119~120 9
99~95 970~990 190~199 Level 8 115~119 8.5
94~90 950~970 180~189 Level 7 112~115 8.5
89~85 925~950 170~179 Level 7 108~112 8
84~80 890~925 160~169 Level 7 104~108 8
79~75 855~890 150~151 Level 7 99~103 7.5
74~70 810~855 140~141 Level 6 92~99 7.5
69~65 750~810 130~131 Level 6 85~92 7
64~60 665~750 120~121 Level 5 76~85 6.5
59~55 595~665 110~111 Level 5 68~76 6
54~50 515~595 100~109 Level 4 59~68 5.5
49~45 455~515 90~99 Level 4 48~59 5
44~40 410~455 80~89 Level 4 42~48 4.5
39~35 380~410 70~79 Level 3 36~42 4
34~30 355~380 60~69 Level 3 22~36 3.5
29~ 320~355 50~59 Level 2 17~22 3

What English Level Test is more accurate?

There are many tools to gauge your English level. You may need such tools if you want to apply for Universities or jobs at companies in English speaking countries. Since the goals of each test are different from each other, Table 1 above may be not 100% accurate but it is useful for a point of reference. also provides Level Test Service for free before our students go to their regular lessons. This test’s criteria is based on the average of other standardized tests. Don’t be too disappointed if you get a low score from our test. Your speaking score can vary from one day to another just based on factors like mood, time of day, distractions, etc., factors which can even affect your speaking ability in your first language.

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Give it a try now, English Level Test. Tomorrow will never come.

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Two-Minute Vocal Warm Up


Practicing English is better than any expensive medicines such as these gold pills.


Written by Susan Berkley and excerpted from

Do you warm up your voice? If you don’t, you should. Good speech takes muscle. And just as your leg muscles work better if you warm them up before a run, so will your speech muscles work better if you warm them up at the start of your day. Your voice will sound better, stronger. Your articulation will become more clear and crisp. You’ll be easier to understand. And as you strengthen your speech muscles, you’ll be able to talk longer without vocal fatigue.

While warming up the voice is important for those who speak a lot, it’s also important for those who don’t. Some people have solitary jobs where they hardly speak at all, such as computer programmers, artists or writers. If the vocal chords are under used, they may actually begin to weaken and atrophy.

So that your voice stays as healthy as possible, I include a short version of my favorite vocal warm up below. Here’s how it works. The sentences in the warm up have been designed to work many of the vowel and consonant sounds in the English language. Saying them properly can actually strengthen your articulator muscles. Before you begin, drink a glass of warm water. Then, read each sentence aloud slowly, pronouncing each word as carefully and properly as you can. These are not tongue-twisters. DO NOT RACE. While doing the warm up, if your throat becomes sore or your voice feels strained, stop immediately. Work up gradually until you can comfortably do the entire exercise. And of course, if you have persistent hoarseness, weakness or any kind of throat or voice problem, please see your doctor.

Eat each green pea. Aim straight at the game. Ed said get ready.
It is in Italy. I tried my kite. Oaks grow slowly.
Father was calm as he threw the bomb on the dock.
An awed audience applauded Claude.
Go slow Joe, you’re stepping on my toe.
Sauce makes the goose more succulent.
Up the bluff, Bud runs with the cup of love.
Red led men to the heifer that fell in the dell.
Maimed animals may become mean.
It’s time to buy a nice limeade for a dime.
Oil soils doilies.
Flip a coin, Roy, you have a choice of oysters or poi.
Sheep shears should be sharp.
At her leisure, she used rouge to camouflage her features.
There’s your cue, the curfew is due.
It was the student’s duty to deliver the Tuesday newspaper.
He feels keen as he schemes and dreams.
Much of the flood comes under the hutch.
Boots and shoes lose newness soon.
Ruth was rude to the youthful recruit.
Vivid, livid, vivifying. Vivid experiences were lived vicariously.
Oddly, the ominous octopus remained calm.
The pod will rot if left on the rock.
Look, you could put your foot on the hood and push.
Nat nailed the new sign on the door of the diner.
Dale’s dad died in the stampede for gold.
Thoughtful thinkers think things through.
Engineer Ethelbert wrecked the express at the end of Elm Street.


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English Expressions

[Expression] Monkey Business

What is <monkey business>? Does it relate to dealing with real monkeys? Selling and buying?

To understand the meaning of this expression, it is useful to know about monkeys, and their behavior, in depth. What kind of animals do you think monkeys are? As they generally considered ancestors of human beings – though people continue to debate this – monkeys are very smart animals. Sometimes they are shrewd and provoking. Considering this, “monkey business” could to have some negative meanings. Yes, “monkey business” is an expression meaning dishonest and silly behavior. For example, smuggling drugs
– we can call it monkey business.

Meaning: “Monkey business” refers to activities that are not legally allowed, or are otherwise questionable to be performed, and therefore should not be conducted.

Let’s see when this expression can be used:

A: “What is your job?”
B: “I deal drugs. I sell them on the streets.”
A: “That’s monkey business. You can get yourself into serious trouble.”


Of course, this guy is not a businessman.

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How to study English with Daily English Expressions?

How do you study English? We think one of the best ways to memorize countless English expressions is to learn them day by day! English idioms & often-used expressions greatly help you understand and express yourself. The problem is … well there are too many. You might ask why English speaking people create so many expressions? If you look closer you will probably notice you are already using idioms so many times unconsciously every day in your mother tongue! Idioms and expressions are a natural part of any language used by people around the world. provides new English Expressions every day so that students can practice them with their teachers.

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